Legends of Mitra Rewards Players for Time Spent in the Game

Legends of Mitra is trending, after a year of trading MITA tokens. The game is one of the well-financed P2E projects from 2021.
  • Legends of Mitra will offer Campaign mode and PvP battles.
  • Mita Games also offers mini-puzzles and semi-idle mobile games.
  • All players gain MITA tokens for time spent surviving in the game.

Legends of Mitra brings a tower defense game that aims to reward players with MITA tokens for time spent within the game. Recently, Legends of Mitra celebrated its first anniversary since listing the MITA token and becoming a P2E game. 


Legends of Mitra aims to become a social gaming hub. The game has picked Binance Smart Chain as its main network, though it will also use Algorand, Klaytn and Cronos Chain, which are not the usual choice for most P2E and Web3 games. 

Legends of Mitra will offer Campaign mode with 10 chapters, each consisting of six levels. There will also be PvP battle mode, as well as clan-driven battles and competition. Players must also establish Forts and Towers, and defend themselves with some of the Skills from the game’s list.

Legends of Mitra also plans to become a mix of games and mini-puzzles, already releasing its two main modes, the single player mode and the MITA app. Multiplayer mode for Guardians of Mitra is coming in the near future, as well as the V Centuries multiplayer game. 

The Ghoster Ball mini-game is also available for download for the past weeks. 


Mita Games is a fully KYC app hub, requiring players to verify a wallet and tie it to their in-game identity. 

Legends of Mitra Builds Full Game Ecosystem

Legends of Mitra is one of the well-supported games, with a $1.45M venture round at the end of 2021, and sold out its IDO in early 2022. Currently, the game is at the stage of actively releasing new NFT and adding functionalities. 

Legends of Mitra is building an entire ecosystem across blockchains, with bridges between the main networks used for NFT and tokens. The game will also carry a marketplace and a token exchange for MITA. Nodes will be added soon, as a way to involve the community further and offer passive income. MITA tokens can be staked even now on Klaytn network and on BSC. 

Owning NFT is needed in the game, as one of the main mechanics is the NFT merge with the potential to produce overpowered Heroes. 

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