Binemon Brings Bineball Fantasy Football Game, Testing Coming Soon

Binemon still requires the ownership of Monsters, bought using the Apple (AMB) token.
  • Binemon offers a full P2E game with a Web3 mobile app.
  • The Apple (AMB) token may be used in a new Bineball team-based e-sports game.
  • Binemon may offer a large-scale giveaway coming soon.

Binemon, one of the most active GameFi and Web3 projects, introduced a new sub-game of fantasy football. Bineball 2.0, introduced this week, will also bring a renewed payment and returns model. Bineball is not yet live, but promises new earnings potential with DeFi 2.0, powered by the already existing Apple (AMB) token.

Binemon accrued a track record of more than 100K downloads with a 4.2 star average review. The game also added a DeFi component during peak NFT and token trading periods, but has also paid attention to creating a fully functional game. 

Bineball was first suggested a year ago, as a match and sports variation that will also use the Monster NFT creatures. The game will also include the building of teams, similar to those for the PvP battle game. 

In late 2022, Bineball reached the testing stage, and Binemon may continue to announce small testing events with potential prizes.

At the end of October, Binemon also promised an upcoming large-scale giveaway, to boost the game’s position on its first anniversary.

What Makes Binemon Stand Out

Binemon arrived in the summer of 2022 and immediately launched its official app. The game runs the whole course of Web3 games, with NFT ownership, idle game, battle mode, collectible creatures and an open world. The game repeated some of the successful elements of Axie Infinity. 

The game reports more than 84K creatures minted and above 250K players. Most of the interactions are within the game, with only partial tracking through the blockchain. The game uses BNB Chain for its Web3 ownership. The game moves through separate seasons and is currently at the Artemis Chapter III version. 

Binemon offers a dynamic battle of two teams, each taking up a unique Monster. The multiple combinations of powers mean every match is virtually impossible to repeat, offering multiple attack and defense strategies. 

Binemon still requires the purchase of NFT, and deals are highly active. Top Monsters trade for as high as 250 AMB, but the typical purchase is at 50-60 AMB. Currently, AMB trades at $0.07, down from a peak above $0.41 in May 2022.

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