Binemon Game Locks Up Liquidity to Boost Newly Launched AMB Token

Binemon game adds another token, AMB, through decentralized sale and liquidity lockup.
  • AMB still relies on a single PancakeSwap pair.
  • Binemon registers 240K users, with some of the game activity happening off-chain.

Binemon, a game combining features from Pokemon and Axie Infinity, is boosting its P2E model with ensured liquidity. Binemon is an up-and-coming Binance Smart Chain game, with a goal of ensuring its P2E model remains robust. 

Binemon boasts more than 240K players, of which on-chain activity points to a much lower number. Some of the game’s activity is off-chain, to achieve greater game speed. The game team counts 576,571 Binemon characters already minted as NFT and resold in the native marketplace. 

The game has completed its initial game modes, with PvP team tournaments already a major part of the game. 

How the New AMB Token Will Boost Liquidity

The recently released AMB token will have liquidity in Binance Coin (BNB) locked for five years, to ensure greater price stability.

The game trended after the release of its AMB token, a long-awaited event that may be attracting whales for early trading. AMB chose a non-standard launch through an “initial liquidity offering”, or an ILO. This is a new approach based on decentralized trading, where a new asset will acquire its valuation only when paired with an existing, highly liquid base asset. In the case of AMB, the sale included the creation of an AMB/BNB liquidity pair on PancakeSwap.

AMB is already trading with limited liquidity, moving between $0.22 and $0.23 on its first day after the launch. This valuation depends on a single trading pair on PancakeSwap and is extremely fragile. The decision to lock up funds and avoid dumping may be helping AMB. However, PancakeSwap does not guarantee the price and sellers may end up dumping AMB. 

On the first day of trading, Binemon’s new asset managed to gather $1.17B in volumes, a feat for an asset relying only on early decentralized trading. 

Binemon has another native token, BIN, which is also available on Gate.IO and LBank, with a relatively low price of $0.0057. Inside the game, other valuables such as Ambrosia and rare NFTs add to the value of this P2E metaverse.

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