Binemon Game Review – Virtual Pet PVP Battle Game

Binemon (BIN) offers accessible NFT for PvP and PvE team formation.

Binemon is a cartoonish, fantasy sci-fi game with a fully developed play to earn model. The game modes and characters somewhat resemble the approach of Axie Infinity, but with a wider range of NFT art and more game capabilities. 

Binemon is a widely distributed game, reporting nearly 250K players and 11,807 PvP battle teams. Play2Moon will outline the top features of Binemon, to check why this is one of the hottest P2E games. 

The game centers around Mons, alien hybrids that arrived on Earth and spread. The game offers PvE, PvP modes and casual play where characters explore the infinite terrain and gain ambrosia rewards. 

Binemon Community: How This Game Achieved Top-Notch Adoption

Binemon boasts of having 243,716 players on its platform, with access to more than 570K playable collectible characters. More than 134K followers track Binemon news on Twitter. More than 33K wallets hold the native BIN token on Binance Smart Chain. 

There is some disparity on the number of players reported by DappRadar and the game’s site, probably missing some of the players due to reporting issues. Not all players are always transacting on the Binance network, hence the lower reported activity.  

Who is Behind Binemon: The Team

Binemon hires a fully known, international team, with most experts from the Vietnam gaming industry. The game hires a full team with the potential for creative character NFTs and frequent special updates. 

What Makes Binemon Hot

Binemon offers a complete gaming experience, with one game mode already showing success and adoption. Binemon players can choose PvP battles, and in the future, the game will also build arena mode, tournaments, guild wars and battlefield brawl mode. 

Binemon also makes sure each character born as NFT is unique, though its proprietary feature mixing process. The game has also balanced its reward system, with Ambrosias and rare NFT items for each battle. 

Binemon also has the advantage of running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), one of the most popular and widely adopted tools for P2E token transfers and NFTs. The Binemon team states its goal to support real players in the community and boost both fun and income. 

How to Make Money with Binemon

Binemon offers PvP and Pve games, somewhat similar to quests and battles on Axie Infinity. A team of three characters is needed, available through a dedicated marketplace. NFT characters have a lively resale rate, with prices in March moving between 0.5BNB and 1.2BNB for a sample of the latest deals. 

Binemon also has a recently released native token, BIN. The asset has traded since September 2021 and has seen some corrections. BIN trading or staking is one potential source of income. 

The game also offers land ownership, the potential to build castles or houses, as well as organize players and teams into guilds. 

Binemon Tokens: BIN, Ambrosia (AMB)

The BIN token on the BSC is still in its early trading stage, with most of its liquidity coming from LBank and the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. 

The ambrosia, or AMB asset is not yet traded and may be used in the game for future utility. Binemon is yet to launch all of its game mechanics and grow its community even more, so the future of its tokens is still developing. The tokenomics of this game has a resemblance to Axie Infinity or Pegaxy, though so far Binemon has not reported the issues with token oversupply.

How to Acquire Binemon Assets

Buying Binemon assets is open for all users with an account on the Binemon marketplace. The marketplace offers a choice to connect with either MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. 

Binemon NFT are denominated in Binance Coin (BNB) and command much lower prices compared to more developed games. Basic characters to build a team can be acquired for under $5 as of March 2022. NFT prices may change without warning, depending on the adoption and demand of Binemon. 

Best wallets for Binemon

The market and game prompt to connect either MetaMask wallet or Coinbase Wallet. The native BIN token can be held in any wallet compatible with BSC assets, but the most straightforward way is to use the two wallets set by the game landing page. 

How to Start with Binemon

Starting with Binemon, it is best to buy some BNB tokens, either through Changelly or through swaps. MetaMask must be set to BSC assets to hold the NFT. Binemon still has no free-to-play version and requires NFT ownership. 

General Overview of Binemon

Binemon looks like a solid game inspired by cartoonish characters. It will compete for attention along with similar battle metaverses with cartoonish characters. Play2Moon ranked Binemon at 31/50, with points removed for the still limited token and NFT availability.

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