Smash Stars: New Brawler Game Enters Testing Stage

Smash Stars offers playable action figures, cars and daemons to build a powerful game ownership combo.
  • Smash Stars is actively building a community and inviting testers.
  • The game will offer multiple types of collectible NFT with in-game utility.
  • Smash Stars is building a digital car brawler game with upcoming clans.

Smash Stars is a new game that is preparing for its first tests. The game is another sign that the Web3 game market is alive, and drawing in highly completed projects. The goal of Smash Stars is to become a free-to-play initially and attract traditional gamers, while still allowing for ownership. The game is expected to arrive as a full version in 2023, showing there are still long-term projects that build despite the slowdown of crypto and NFT markets.

The game is also planning to release a demo shortly, getting one step closer to a beta launch. The game is worth watching for early testing opportunities and eventual prizes or special perks. The game team is tapping its Discord community for the role of early tester. 

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Smash Stars will also have upgradable NFT as playable characters, allowing players to build their own action figure and use it to compete.

The other type of NFT are the cars, which can be equipped for battle and used in the various game modes. The game’s garage feature allows players to own an entire collection of battle machines. The third type of NFT will be the game Daemons, a magical companion to compound features and effects.

Smash Stars is at a highly active stage now, establishing its presence on social media. The game may quickly gain popularity and line up among the most active Web3 games. 

The next months until the end of the year, Smash Stars will dedicate to early alpha testing. The Daemons NFT may have a private placement soon. From 2023 onward, the game will introduce other collectible items and a marketplace. The actual game with a mobile version is expected by the end of the first half of 2023. 

The game is not tokenized and there is no mention yet of an IDO or another in-game token. The game’s goal is to offer ownership through collectible digital items. After the mobile version launch, the game will start bringing in teams organized in clans, and start with regular tournaments.

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