Bomb Crypto Game Unrolls Staking Feature Soon

Bomb Crypto looks for incentives to boost its player count and the value of BCOIN and NFT heroes.

Bomb Crypto, one of the most successful and busy games on Binance Smart Chain, is extending the potential for passive earnings. 

The game’s team is almost ready with a staking feature, in addition to the currently available liquidity mining rewards.

Staking is beneficial to most crypto projects, as it keeps tokens away from the market, setting an incentive to hold for the long term. Bomb Crypto is still looking to imptove the utility and value of its BCOIN asset. 

Bomb Crypto Builds NFT Launchpad

Bomb Crypto tested out its launchpad technology with a recent partnership with Luna Rush. Players with 500 BNB held in their balance can have a chance to win LUS tokens and Luna Rush mystery boxes. 

At this point, it is uncertain which games and mystery boxes will be offered through Bomb Crypto. 

How BCOIN is Performing

BCOIN never repeated its peak above $8, and has been sliding for more than three months from a recent high above $4. 

BCOIN unraveled to $0.32, with temporary relief rallies and bounces from the lows. BCOIN has some advantage in making staking cheaper, but has hurt some of the earlier buyers.

BCOIN is still trending among P2E tokens popular with Asian players and traders, based on CoinGecko data.

The asset is also pressured by low liquidity, as Binance has not listed it despite the popularity of the game on the BSC network. BCOIN relies on LBank and PancakeSwap for most of its activity. BCOIN, however, is not among the most active BSC assets as attention shifted to other tokens. 

Bomb Crypto users have also fallen off, down to just 25% of the levels in December. Now, there are around 10K active game users per day. Bomb Crypto is the heir of the addictive Bomber game, yet the dropping BCOIN price and loss of novelty has led to an exodus of players. The Bomb Crypto team now has to offer new incentives to keep up interest. 

The Bomb Crypto NFT market is also relatively slow, with only 61 Heroes sold despite the falling BCOIN price.

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