Bomb Crypto Now on Coinbase Wallet, Skills-Based Tournament Coming Up

Bomb Crypto is attempting to boost player count with tournaments and in-game lucky draws.
  • Bomb Crypto prepares for World Tournament 2022 with improved speed to combat lag.
  • The game offers short-term prize pools to offset the loss of value for its in-game assets.
  • Bomb Crypto now accessible through Coinbase Wallet.

Bomb Crypto is entering its next round of potentially reviving its game. The latest boost came from Coinbase Wallet, granting more access to the game’s assets. Bomb Crypto is accelerating token burns and offers tools to combine and upgrade NFT, to build up more value locked within the game. 

Bomb Crypto is now a game that uses three tokens – BCOIN, SEN, and the latest to launch, BOMB. The game’s chief problem was an oversupply of tokens and NFT, made worse by the cryptocurrency bear market. 

However, Bomb Crypto is one of the playable apps available for free, or by adding NFT Heroes. The game is also one of the few to include skilled mechanics. 

The latest drive to bring more users is an upcoming tournament with a prize pool. Bomb Crypto is yet another P2E game to replace idle income with a prize pool from a short-term tournament.  The game is trying to revive its user count, after it fell from above 56K players per day down to fewer than 400.

Bomb Crypto is currently running one of the active events with a prize pool, until September 24. 

The game aims to advertise its biggest earners and its potential as a P2E hub. The game also kicked off the qualifying rounds for its World Championship 2022. While Bomb Crypto is far from its peak shape, the game has more short-term opportunities for leaderboard advancements. Additionally, the game sells packs of new Heroes with special potential advantages in the World Cup. The 2022 season comes with game improvements to solve lag and reflect skill more fully.

In addition to the skills-based game, Bomb Crypto has added Game Tickets for a wheel turn of luck. The feature allows players to earn in-game items.

Bombcrypto Coin (BOMB) has now fallen to about $0.23 just weeks after its launch. BCOIN remains stalled around $0.01, with some staking opportunities and uses within the game. SEN, the token of the Senspark gaming ecosystem, is down to $0.0015.

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