Bomb Crypto Returns with Battle Season 4, Halloween Themes

Bomb Crypto is one of the P2E games still trying to reinvent itself during the bear market.
  • Bomb Crypto 2 on Polygon still attracts more users.
  • The new battle season will run until October 26.
  • Senspark aims to build a metaverse and become a multi-game hub.

Bomb Crypto is one of the games that attempt to reinvent its model and regain players. Now, Bomb Crypto is adding another battle competitive season, to run from October 13 to October 26.

The PvP battles will boost the game’s competitive prize potential, paid out in BCOIN, as well as NFT mystery boxes and shields. Prizes will come to the first 200 players in the leaderboards. 

Bomb Crypto keeps inviting around 400 players per day, allowing for another competitive tournament. Some of the current players are still interested in the game, despite the slide in BCOIN market prices. The previous season reportedly retained thousands of players in a much-disputed battle to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Bomb Crypto also ran a World Championship with a competitive event for 64 peak players. The game is now integrated in the Coinbase wallet, becoming accessible to a wider user base. Bomb Crypto also rides on the fame of the original Bomber game. 

Bomb Crypto to Add Special Seasonal Skins

Bomb Crypto hinted at adding new skins and features inspired by the Halloween season. The game has also tried to boost its appeal by adding special skins, as well as Hero merging to produce more powerful NFT.

For now, the game is back with a core number of players, though there are also technical complaints of Hero Merge not working as intended. 

Bomb Crypto has sold 3,609 Heroes through its marketplace, with less than 200 in the past month. The game is free to access, which limits the interest in NFT. Initially, Bomb Crypto sold some of the NFT at peak valuations, reflecting the initial hype around the game. 

Now, Bomb Crypto and Senspark are trying to reach long-term sustainability. Senspark aims to produce a series of games. Among them is Bomb Crypto 2, a relaunched game with a new economic system.

The Bomb Crypto games will thus become part of the mini-games and locations on the Senspark ecosystem. Bomb Crypto 2 will expand from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon, another go-to blockchain for P2E games. The new version invites 1.16K players per day and is the more promising version of the classic game at the moment.

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