Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction: ATOM Used in Play to Earn Incentives

Cosmos (ATOM) may break out to new highs, on signs of usage within the play to earn ecosystem.

Cosmos (ATOM) in early 2022 was mostly used and traded as a general-purpose blockchain with some cross-chain capabilities. ATOM is part of the older batch of projects which debuted with a token sale back in 2017. 

ATOM traded above $38 at the start of the new year, close to its all-time peak above $44. ATOM has staged some fast recoveries, often moving against market forces. At $38.19, ATOM is close to its three-month peak and seems rather unfazed by the dip of Bitcoin (BTC) under $40,000.

ATOM Price Prediction: Will Play to Earn Boost Cosmos

There are signs ATOM is being used as a reward token within play to earn projects, as an additional incentive for holders. 

ATOM is not listed among play to earn tokens, as this was not its original purpose. For instance, Chandra Station, a blockchain-enabled Minecraft server, issues rewards to Cosmos network and ATOM validators. 

The Strange Clan game is also powered by the Cosmos network and ATOM, as well as the Andromaverse project. 

ATOM Price Prediction: Will it Break Out Soon

ATOM price moves depend more on the trading availability and liquidity on centralized exchanges. ATOM has a long listing history and is available on multiple highly liquid platforms. 

ATOM is also represented on Coinbase and the Binance exchange, having a relatively wide outreach to potential play to earn projects. 

The supply of ATOM is around 226M tokens, in the range of Solana (SOL) with 311M tokens in circulation. The current $40 price is viewed as undervaluing the project. One of the reasons is that Cosmos serves technical needs and the token is not actively used to lock value in DeFi or other gamified earnings platforms. 

ATOM lined up among trending coins, potentially following the success of the play to earn phenomenon.

More extreme predictions see ATOM repeat the success of SOL with a hike to $150. ATOM also had the advantage of decoupling itself during the latest price flash crash which affected most assets. Special interest in ATOM may soon be reflected in a rally specific to this token. 

Buying ATOM remains risky, and does not guarantee the network will grow with play to earn. Still, ATOM is one of the assets to watch in 2022 to potentially break out and serve the growing infrastructure of blockchain-based projects with more cross-chain capabilities and lower fees.

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