Play to Earn Games Come to Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos (ATOM) is one of the networks with potential to attract builders of play to earn games.

Cosmos (ATOM) will be the next blockchain to hope for a play to earn boom in the new year. ATOM was one of the earlier assets that existed before branching out into new use cases. The demand for fast and scalable blockchains may help this network join top play to earn tokens in the future. 

The Cosmos project has prepared a series of upgrades for the coming months and now expects ATOM to become one of the reward tokens for play to earn. 

Cosmos is an independent blockchain that evolved after migration from Ethereum. The Cosmos network has bonded 58% of ATOM for staking. Cosmos is an inflationary network similar to Tezos (XTZ), with rewards scheduled for 8.43% inflation. 

Can ATOM Follow the Success of Solana (SOL)

ATOM traded at $30.68 in the last day of the year. The asset is reasonably close to its peak above $40, and can hope for expansion if usage increases. 

ATOM also has a lower supply than SOL, and may achieve similar valuation if there is more interest in the network. So far, ATOM has stayed behind the boom that brought SOL and Terra (LUNA) to the front as some of the most used networks in the past year. 

The Cosmos network now counts a bit more than 674,000 accounts, still lagging behind other blockchains with explosive address creation in the past year. 

Are Games Already Coming to Cosmos

There are already attempts to build play to earn games on Cosmos, starting with NFT collections and making them playable.

The Strange Clan game has set its sights on ATOM and other similar networks. 

The arrival of complete games, however, may take a while. For ATOM, the arrival of games has been anticipated for years. But even with only NFT collections, the Cosmos network may benefit from what is seen as a potential super-cycle for altcoins, driven by play to earn adoption.

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