Crabada Calls for Downloads of New Patched Version

Snake City and Crabada show the capacity of Swimmer Network, which will reward node operators with TUS.
  • Crabada is always shifting its power balance, as now equipment makes a big difference in battle.
  • In adventure mode, top players reached Level 100.
  • Snake City boosts wallet buildup for Swimmer Network.

Crabada improved on its new battle game, releasing a patched version. All players are called to install the latest game version with the relevant changes.

The new changes will also shift the competitive balance in the game. Crabada uses balance shifts throughout the game to keep it fresh and unpredictable. Some of the features of the previous version were preserved though, and Crabada is showcasing some of the changes in the battle game.

Crabada remains one of the most actively updated P2E games, with thousands of daily players reported by the team. The Adventure Mode is also highly engaging as players seek to level up. 

Equipment Makes a Difference

Players are getting a preview on how Equipment items sway the game’s balance. Even lower-level Crabs can win battles with the right equipment.

All Equipment is wrapped as NFT and may boost the trading and creation of items on Crabada. For guilds and scholars, this adds another element in addition to Crab NFT rarity. 

TUS Tokens Gain Different Use Cases

The supply of TUS will be limited after the update from a few days ago, when Crabada introduced its Economy 2.0. TUS was suffering from oversupply and selling pressures. Now, TUS will be used to add Crabada slots in the battle game.

TUS will also serve as a reward for node operators, while GUS will become the new in-game asset, in addition to the new Diamond and Ruby resources.

Snake City Marks Slow but Sure Growth

Snake City, the second game on Swimmer Network, is already finishing its second week. For this time, more than 40K games were played.

Swimmer Network has grown to more than 28K wallets and has shown the resilience of Avalanche subnets. Snake City offers a similar battle game with NFT, rewarding players with SNCT tokens. The game offers a free start with the chance to also earn tokens, and owning NFT helps to grow the gains faster.

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