Crabada Subnet Success: This Game Would Be Top Avalanche App

Crabada is boosting player engagement in its game, while also helping Snake City.
  • Crabada and Snake City are partnering, with NFT giveaways in the Free Zone.
  • Crabada is still top game based on idle, battle and arena game player counts.
  • Snake City and Crabada keep growing despite low token prices.

Crabada recently released statistics for its player activity based on Swimmer Network. The collection of idle players, battle mode players and arena mode participants would make Crabada a top Avalanche game. Additionally, every day, Crabada brings in more players who pay TUS tokens to participate in the daily Lucky Draw.

Crabada is a success story in overcoming the challenges of a bear market and a network migration. Even after an initial slide in player count, Crabada tweaked its reward structure and brought back its player base. 

Snake City Boosts Swimmer Network Exposure

Swimmer Network is now a two-game subnet, currently promoting the Free Zone of Snake City. The Free Zone is the entry-level tier of the game, where players can start with no initial investment. Playing the Free Zone can award SNCT tokens and give a preview of the game.

Swimmer Network now has 27,764 unique wallets, showing that Snake City managed to attract existing Crabada players. Snake City has a similar breeding structure and battle potential for Snake NFT owners, but with a newly launched tokenization and game balance. 

Snake City is also rewarding Crabada players and newcomers with Crab NFT.

Currently, Crabs keep growing, with a drive to breed pure NFT with predictable features. Crabada and Snake City are still early in terms of NFT breeding compared to other P2E games.

Crabada and Snake City Grow Despite Token Weakness

Avalanche games and apps on C-Chain are currently attracting hundreds of users, a smaller result compared to Crabada and Snake City. The games are aiming to boost off-chain interactions, as well as on-chain tokenization and NFT transfers, hence the leading results.

The in-game activity growth is decoupled from token performance. SNCT, despite the hype, keeps sinking since July, and currently trades at $0.005. The Crabada assets are also near their all-time lows. TUS is at $0.00024, while CRA is stagnant at $0.014.

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