CropBytes Transforms into Free Play-And-Earn Game

CropBytes will add the Mining Avatar to play one mini-game at a time and accrue a CBX token balance.
  • CropBytes will make the game free for new farmers, but offer OTC starter packs.
  • The game aims to bring the Farmville model with Web3 additions.
  • CBX tokens will be earned for playing mini-games in a process of simulated mining.

CropBytes, one of the leading Web3 games with earning opportunities, is making trading easier for large-scale producers. Big changes are coming to the game, as it will no longer require a starter pack of resources to start farming. Now, CropBytes is preparing for a transformation into a play-and-earn game, where players start for free and can accrue valuable rewards.

CropBytes accrued more than 100K downloads even when requiring an initial investment in a starter pack for a farm. 

CropBytes Players to Earn CBX Tokens from In-Game Mining

CropBytes is introducing a new mechanic that rewards CBX tokens for playing mini-games. Initially, players had to buy the CBX token. Now, a Mining avatar will appear and players can choose to mine themselves or hire others to accrue the initial CBX balance. With the tokens earned, players can start buying feed for their animals. 

Previously, CropBytes required players to wait a certain period for acquiring assets. Adding mini-games will drive engagement and add more fun content. The project aims to expand its game and move beyond its potential as a GameFi hub. 

However, CropBytes will still offer an initial investment pathway for those that want to farm on a larger scale. This approach requires players to buy in for a much higher initial sum.

CropBytes will sell high-priced initial packs to OTC buyers, at $20,000 to $25,000. The investment is to acquire in-game assets with a deep discount, and to possibly break even in the game. Buyers will have a much larger and more productive farm, though still depending on the game’s economy.

Playing CropBytes may vary depending on the selected asset to produce. Players can resort to calculators to have an idea of their general income potential.

The game centers around CBX, an already listed token. The asset is now at $0.03, reaching some stability after falling for the past months. For CropBytes, the general idea is to grant free CBX so players can build their farm. Playing the mini-games may not be enough to cash out more significant earnings from the game.

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