Crop Bytes: New Asset for Crafting and Earning Coming Soon

Crop Bytes works as a popular free app, but also allows for paid farming and acquiring packages of feed and resources.
  • Crop Bytes is a top simulated farming game, offering a long-term growth with increasing NFT livestock prices.
  • The game will migrate to the Polygon network, expected by the end of Q2.
  • Crop Bytes offers free access, but also a path toward earning CBX tokens and owning NFT.

Crop Bytes remains one of the top simulated farming games, becoming a Web3 hub of both fun activity and ownership. Now, Crop Bytes is trending after bringing new assets to boost gameplay and earnings.

Crop Bytes has been introducing cow and horse breeds in the past few days, to enhance the overall progress arc from water and crops to productive animals. The final play is to receive CBX tokens and either revert them to grow the farm, or cash out. Despite being an app with more than 100K downloads, Crop Bytes also constantly tries to add paths for farm expansion to keep up engagement. 

Crop Bytes is also trying to balance its main farming mechanics, mostly to ensure that farm animals remain profitable. Currently, the game’s P2E breakeven balance depends on which animals are owned, and some of them log small losses due to feed, water or building costs to support them. Others, like highland cows, retain a small profitability. 

The other source of profitability is to hold the farm animals for longer, waiting for their value to increase on the secondary market. While available as a free app, Crop Bytes is also a game that allows asset trading and has a native exchange. 

To increase variability in the game and distribute more fair balances, another update is coming soon. Crop Bytes will introduce animal appetite, meaning all farm animals will require different amounts of food and water on a weekly basis.

Crop Bytes Moves to Polygon

The Crop Bytes game was planning to move its NFT and assets to the Polygon blockchain, scheduled for the end of 2022. 

Now, the event will be pushed a few months in the future, at the latest expected by the end of Q2. As of early 2023, all Crop Bytes assets are on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Polygon-based assets will include all the valuable farm animals in the game. The Web3 approach means Crop Bytes is seeking a network with lower fees and easy access. Polygon has been one of the go-to blockchains for many P2E games, including farming simulation Sunflower Land.

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