Crop Bytes Climbs to Top Web3 Game in the Farming and Mining Genre

Crop Bytes starts as a free game, but may require purchases of tokens to acquire resources.
  • Crop Bytes is a top game offering a popular mobile app and NFT and token options.
  • Starter packs available to test the game, a Web3 variant of FarmVille.
  • Crop Bytes has more than 500K downloads on its mobile app.

Crop Bytes, through its mobile app, is standing at the top among farming and resource games. Crop Bytes lines up among a list of games, including Sunflower Land, EveryFarm, HoneyWood and other crossing the categories between mining, city-building and town management.

Crop Bytes reached more than 550K downloads, measuring up among successful Web2 games, with added ownership and earnings. 

What Makes Crop Bytes Stand Out

Crop Bytes uses a regular signup process similar to a Web2 game. The main gameplay resembles FarmVille, but inside the game, players can immediately see their portfolio value. 

The game relies on regular, repetitive tasks to raise crops and animals. Some of the animals are included immediately, while others can be acquired as the game progresses. All animals must be fed daily, requiring crops and fruit for weekends. 

Crop Bytes is also planning to expand and improve, and is currently seeking more team members.

Currently, Crop Bytes receives mostly favorable reviews on Google Play, though the game may still need another version to clear some of the bugs. 

How Crop Bytes Brings Web3 to the Game

Crop Bytes only uses a starter pack of crops, and players must find ways to participate in the economy. Some of the crops and water resources can be bought to gain more advantage in the game. 

Crop Bytes has issued the CBX token to monetize gains. CBX is based on the Ethereum network, though for some of the in-game purchases, players can also use TRX. CBX tokens currently trade at $0.056, and are owned by 8,195 wallets

Crop Bytes uses an in-game wallet balance, with the option to use the funds to buy additional feed or water resources. Crop Bytes also appeared early during the Play-to-earn cycle, and thus added a full exchange to its blockchain mix, with the potential to swap multiple assets. In fact, Crop Bytes started as a game with a significant crypto component, but also targeted mainstream users with its mobile app.

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