Cryptopolis: Early Access to Test Metaverse Simulator Game

Cryptopolis sold its NFT collection of exclusive rooms in an event this July 1.
  • Cryptopolis has daily game sessions in open beta, using testnet tokens.
  • Each player can access the game freely with a starter Room to furnish.
  • Players level up in Prestige while interacting with other players for a social media element.

Cryptopolis is opening another early access round to test its simulation city life and metaverse. The game went live with its NFT collection on July 1, later adding some of its 3D gameplay for a limited list of players.

Cryptopolis advertises itself as a social NFT game, though it offers a metaverse experience. Since July 18, the game has offered an open beta version, though all tokenized achievements are still on testnet. This makes Cryptopolis free-to-play for now, before the official mainnet launch. 

The OpenSea collection is made up of Rooms to be used and furbished in the Metaverse. The novelty of the collection leads to a relatively high floor price of 0.13 ETH. Around 62.9 ETH in value has changed hands, though there are still limited owners of the collection.

Cryptopolis will also offer additional in-game item creation, such as pizza baking in a dedicated room. 

The currently available locations locked as NFT items can already be used within the early access game. The only limitation is opening hours, as the game only runs between 10:00 and 15:00 UTC.

Level Uo with Prestige Score, Earn CPO and NFT Items

The goal of Cryptopolis is to earn CPO tokens, which may start accruing a balance even without in-game purchases. The game starts with free-to-play quests or mini-games and has a social aspect of joining all players in one Tower where all metaverse locations are found. Additionally, players can accrue in-game items and apartments, all of which will be wrapped as NFT.

Each player starts out in the Tower with their own free room, and has to go on quests and missions to acquire CPO, XP points and gain more items to keep their character happy. The goal is to reach the top of the tower with the most difficult to obtain items and prestigious apartments.

Each Avatar in the game will also have a Prestige score, leveling up through missions, mini-games and adding skill levels. Prestige unlocks more access to higher levels and more rare items.

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