Top 5 Metaverse Projects to Tap for P2E Income and NFT Land Plots

P2E games often add a metaverse aspect to their experience and earnings mechanism. Which are the leaders in that space emerging in 2022?
  • Top metaverse projects keep high valuations on OpenSea.
  • Bloktopia to present roadmap for 2022.
  • NFT Worlds, The Sandbox and Decentraland compete for top spot in NFT land plot resales.

Top metaverse projects share a handful of features, making them a mix of playable fun and an investment opportunity. We picked projects that had an already established metaverse, a liquid native token, robust secondary market with land plot resales and a strong floor price. Metaverse projects also show their mettle by attracting successful brands and secondary games. 

The metaverse space saw increasing competition in 2021, but only months later, the undisputed leaders got distinguished. 

Decentraland: Oldest Crypto Metaverse

Decentraland was among the earliest projects to combine blockchain and metaverse features. MANA, its native token, appeared for the first time in an ICO during the peak of token sales in 2017. MANA sales raised $26M equivalent in ETH tokens, later leading up to the launch of land plots. 

Decentraland started off slowly and came onto fame only after the popularity of NFT collections spread. OpenSea started carrying metaverse land plots and their value rose significantly. Decentraland land plots have a floor price of 3.2 ETH, with the highest sale at the end of March at $570K equivalent. 

MANA is also the play to earn and metaverse token with the highest capitalization.

With more estates and plots sold, Decentraland is organizing events, including the first of a kind Metaverse Fashion Week.

The Sandbox: Voxel Art and Sub-Games

The Sandbox achieved an immersive 3D experience with voxel avatars and items. The mix of metaverse experience and a game with rewards makes the project one of the leaders. SAND market prices remain relatively robust, and metaverse land plots are still among top traders on OpenSea. 

The Sandbox launched two alpha seasons to test out the game, with limited rewards for early adoption. The Sandbox offers an immersive experience, wrapping as NFT both land plots and characters. The Sandbox uses one of the most successful metaverse approaches, that of a voxel world. 

NFT Worlds: NFT-Based Finance

NFT Worlds has an intricate scheme of earnings, which benefits the holders of the original 10,000 worlds. Owning an NFT grants rights to receive WRLD token rewards. NFT Worlds also managed to take the lead on OpenSea after months of dominance by The Sandbox and Decentraland. The three top projects are competing for the most activity. The big advantage of NFT Worlds is that it is a later arrival and its native token is still considered undervalued.

NFT worlds also recently issued 10,000 Genesis avatars for an exclusive closed sale, and another 5,000 for a community sale. 

NFT Worlds is Minecraft-compatible, using one of the most successful game models with servers, while adding appealing playable NFTs. This game is also one of the more successful applications of the NFT model to Minecraft, unlike a recent attempt to revive Pixelmon which led to overpriced avatars and a need to rework the mint.

Vulcanverse: Multi-Game Platform

The Vulcan Forged and Vulcanverse project is one of the ambitious startups that grew in multiple directions. The metaverse created by Vulcan Forged game is mostly pointed to gamers. Inside, they can earn LAVA tokens, and even use a metaverse bank to store and stake them. 

Vulcan Forged sold multiple worlds while expanding the game’s earnings potential. Unlike other sandbox and multiverse socializing games, this metaverse is linked to the game’s narrative. The game’s immersive world is notable in an attempt to build one of the most ambitious multiplayer hubs.

Bloktopia: Metaverse Map with VR Game

Bloktopia decided to build its map in the vertical, creating a virtual skyscraper. Recently, Bloktopia renewed its roadmap, promising many milestones in 2022. 

Bloktopia is also one of the few NFT and gaming projects with an expanding market activity on OpenSea. This metaverse, however, will evolve, with a multi-chain token launch in April 2022. The chief idea of this metaverse is commerce, with stores available as the chief business asset for expansion and added value.

Bloktopia also plans to launch a VR version compatible with Oculus Quest 2. Additionally, the game’s idea is similar to The Sandbox – allow the community to create NFTs and sell them in metaverse shops. 

Almost all play to earn games are planning to release metaverse land plots, or have done so. For some, the launch of NFTs is another form of financing. But for others, building a metaverse experience is central, thus boosting the value of tokenized digital land.

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