Decentraland (MANA) Unleashes New Fashion Feature in NFT Marketplace

Decentraland MANA market prices expect recovery after regaining positions to $2.30.

Decentraland (MANA), one of the top metaverse NFT projects, introduced a new feature to its fashion marketplace. Now, players will be able to try out outfit NFTs before making a purchase.

The new feature arrives about 10 days ahead of the launch of the Metaverse Fashion Week, an event aimed at increasing the visits and users for Decentraland.

The Fashion Week event itself will arrive with new NFT mints for accessories of various rarity. The items are available on Decentraland’s specialized marketplace, while OpenSea focuses more on Decentraland metaverse land plots.

Decentraland remains the third most active metaverse world, displaced by NFT Worlds in the top position and The Sandbox metaverse land plots. For now, The Sandbox is also ahead of the game with The Sandbox ASSETS, which are fashionable or esthetic assets for decorating plots and estates.

The Fashion Week, however, will bring a new class of items to Decentraland, potentially also building a significant secondary market. 

Decentraland Faces User Complaints

One of the complaints of Decentraland users are the basic graphics. The project explains that it needed to sacrifice quality for onboarding more users, making a metaverse accessible to any type of consumer electronics. 

The other problem is the sinking value of the MANA asset. MANA failed to break $6, instead sinking for the past 15 weeks. 

MANA Token Faces Weakness, Competition

MANA recovered to about $2.30, but is yet to repeat the trek above $5 and bring more value to the project. MANA is also mostly used for metaverse land plot purchases or staking. 

For now, predictions on MANA market prices remain cautious, setting expectations for further price dips before an eventual rally. MANA depends on the overall performance of cryptocurrency markets. 

Both The Sandbox SAND token and MANA are in need of more support, as the games try to regain their initial appeal. Interest in metaverse land plots remains high, but for a while shifted to the WRLD token and the higher passive income of holding NFT World plots.

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