DeFi Land Just Two Weeks from Seed Sale for Generation Zero NFT

DeFi Land will add items with a Gen 0 seed sale in February. DFL token active on the FTX Exchange.

DeFi Land, a planting and farming strategy game, has announced its Gen 0 NFT mint. The new assets, known as seeds, will give exclusive game rights and mechanics to early buyers. 

DeFi Land has worked as a closed alpha game for testers, and will reward top players with automatic whitelisting for the seed sale. 

Buying Seeds with SOL

The NFT seeds will have a capped supply of just 7,500. Of those, 2,500 will be sold through a marketplace site Magic Eden. Another 5,000 will be dropped through the DeFi Land website. 

All NFT mints will have a fixed price of 2 SOL. Afterward, the native DFL token will be used to water the seeds and get the items within. The Gen 0 items will include an element of luck, each seed giving between 1 and 4 items. Those will include animals, fishing rods or harvesters. 

The sale arrives as Solana (SOL) trades around $106.01 after appreciating by 17% overnight. By the time of the NFT mint, the price of SOL may continue to fluctuate. 

The game will also reward additional NFTs to early testers that built up experience points. 

Will DeFi Land Offer Metaverse Experiences

DeFi Land has all the conditions to offer metaverse land plots. The game mechanic is coming in the future, combining the creation of items with the mechanics to personalize land plots.

The game is currently in beta mode, while the team builds more concept art for buildings and animals. 

What is the DFL Token

DFL is the native asset of the farming game. DeFi Land aims to take the logic of DeFi passive earnings, but also add a gamified element. 

DFL started trading in December 2021, with price swings as high as $0.40. Now, the asset is down to $0.06, following the overall market trend. DFL is one of the tokens with a trading pair on the FTX Exchange. 

FTX Exchange stated its support for the DeFi Land game in late 2021, and has added to the asset’s liquidity. FTX Exchange was crucial to the token’s popularity, as it was one of the market operators to log the most robust growth in the past year.

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