Diggers World: Another Variation of Mining Game on WAX Blockchain

Diggers World resembles Wombat Dungeon Master, but is still a game in its earliest stages.
  • Diggers World attracts a few hundred players per day.
  • Still no NFT mints, though WAX offers potential to generate owned in-game items.
  • DWD token still at rock-bottom price with limited trading.

Diggers World is a mining-themed game that highly resembles Wombat Dungeon Master. The game also uses the WAX blockchain, specifically created for the speedy exchange of in-game items. The WAX ecosystem continues to carry the most widely used games, though it remains a bit distant from the crypto market and focuses more on gaming.

The game has been added to Atomic Hub, the chief WAX-based NFT market. The game’s economy centers around searching and acquiring diamonds, as well as basic craftable resources sulfur and iron. 


Diamonds within the game are important for special events and rare NFT airdrops. 

Is Diggers World Picking Up

Diggers World is ready with three mining modes – safe, risky and dangerous. However, the June date for launching a mobile version has passed and the game is still working in a browser, with a WAX profile. 

DappRadar registers a few hundred calls on smart contracts, with player count moving between 300 and 700 in the past few months. Most of the interactions are about using the WAX blockchain with shared resources. 

Diggers World also has a native DWD token, which is just being distributed to players. Most of the DWD tokens are still held by the team for future distribution. DWD has a rock-bottom price of $0.000017 on the Alcor exchange, and is just being accumulated by early game adopters. 

So far, Diggers World has no smart contracts related to NFT support, and no items listed on Atomic Hub. The game is still listed as being in the alpha state on Playtoearn.net and is currently a good starting point for early adopters.

The potential trajectory of Diggers World may resemble Wombat Dungeon Master. The game combines resource mining with crafting, organized in seasons with leaderboards. Wombat Dungeon Master also hosts NFT collections, getting added to the game for extra earnings.
The WAX blockchain sees an inflow of games, some with ready mobile apps.

Despite the bear market, WAX offers blockchain technology without the immediate tokenization hype. Minting NFT is also easier and with much lower fees. The WAX ecosystem reports more than 500K daily visitors for a wide gaming portfolio.

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