DinoX Game Accelerates After Beta Launch

DinoX offers a dinosaur-themed battle and RPG game with metaverse elements.
  • DinoX launched its open beta and land ticket mechanics in the past few months.
  • DNXC tokens now available for trading and staking.
  • DinoX aims to boost player count and add new marketplace features.

DinoX is now reaping the success of its beta launch a couple of months back. The game offers a dinosaur-themed battle with a mix of strategies and luck. Players own and train their Dino characters, which then participate in battles. The model resembles Axie Infinity, Crabada and other character-driven RPG battles. 

DinoX keeps working on its game, though it has already launched the major features, including the metaverse land distribution. 

DinoX has also partnered with BSCNewsNFT, where a 0.4 BNB pass will grant access to multiple game assets and perks. The mint is still open, with the potential to reach 10K items in total. 

The game, however, is open to anyone and only has NFT and Land Tickets for early adopters. The land claim is still open for those that want to own a piece of the Dinoverse. The game will offer Eggs and Packs, as well as Land Tickets in its own marketplace, as well as Dinos and a secondary market for unhatched eggs.

The game team is working on a P2P marketplace for secondary NFT swaps, after a summer of highly active development. The team is transparent about its achievements, the biggest of which is the launch of the world map and the land sale. 

DNXC Token Brings Staking

DinoX also has a tradable token, with the potential to monetize the in-game earnings. DNXC launched a year ago, reaching a peak above $0.91. Now, the asset is at $0.016, remaining flat for the past few months. The price movements of DNXC reflect the overall crypto bear market, and are not tied to the actual game development. 

DNXC is mostly concentrated on Gate.IO, with additional decentralized pairs. The asset may allow for some in-game earnings, but remains highly risky and volatile to buy and hold for other purposes. 

The tokens earned in the game can also be staked for additional passive income, as selling may not be accessible to all players.

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