Axie Infinity Announces Major Marketplace Upgrade

Axie Infinity and Sky Mavis expect the Lunacian metaverse to expand with new games.
  • Marketplace to offer more intuitive listing, collectible tags and genetic data.
  • Axie Con in Barcelona kicks off, expected tournament with $500K prize pool
  • AXS sank closer to $13 on overall crypto market crash.

Axie Infinity has introduced a major update to its marketplace, boosting app access to increased trading activity. The long-awaited update will come with renewed listings for all Axies and more strict rules on listing and pricing. 

The marketplace will be rebranded as Axie.App and focus on revealing more data on activity and opportunities. With millions of Axies outstanding, new players may be confused on value and advantages, as well as resale opportunities. 

New changes will include special tagging for collectible Axies from limited collections, which have proven to hold higher valuations. For breeders, Axie.App will offer a more detailed record of recessive genes to build more transparent breeding programs with desired traits. 

For resellers, Axie.App will bring a more intuitive listing process, with zero fees for the initial relisting. The marketplace rules may change with new upgrades as the app will constantly improve.

Sky Mavis and Axie.App aim to converge in an NFT trading hub for multiple games and sub-games. The Lunacia metaverse will add sub-games with new opportunities and will build marketplace slots for future items.

Axie Infinity Kicks Off Barcelona Conference

Axie Infinity finally reached the long-awaited date for its meetup and tournament in Barcelona.

The Barcelona meetup, which will kick off properly after September 7, will include the second part of the Axie Classic tournament. Players will meet in person for a competition with a $500K prize pool. 

Axie Infinity remains a top game, with Origin still going through its test Season 0. The game is ranked seventh in the top 10 P2E chart, and is considered a top game for Ethereum, as well as the Ronin network. Player count has fallen to 23.96K players, but may pick up with upcoming tournaments or breeding events.

During the early hours of the Axie Barcelona Conference, AXS accounted some losses, sinking to $13.16. AXS slid after the general downward move of the crypto market. SLP is down to $0.003, despite the slowed-down production. SLP is still not produced and awarded inside Origin Season 0.

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