Crabada Battle Game Leads Engagement, Arena Mode with Mystery Boxes

Crabada is one of the top Avalanche games, with more than 27K Swimmer Network users.
  • Arena mode will have weekly rule changes affecting skills and Crab feature effects.
  • Crabada still remains top P2E project, drawing attention to Avalanche.
  • Battle Mode is the most popular game with challenging levels.

Crabada keeps up its player base with multiple sources of potential gains. For now, the Battle Mode is the busiest game with the most daily players. More than 20K players have joined the Battle game since its launch.

More than 3K players join Crabada on the battle mode, with a few hundred more in idle mode and for the day’s Lucky Draws. Additionally, Arena gameplays offer new NFT perks. Crabada is still down from its peak player count where it invited above 40K players. However, the game tried an aggressive anti-bot policy and introduced more competitive tasks to engage real players. 

Arena Mode Keeps Adding Tweaks

After adding rankings, Arena mode will become the most surprising part of the game. Crabada will introduce small changes during every weekly session to keep things fresh.

Each weekly Arena session will have exclusive game balance changes, where skills and qualities will be affected for higher damage or various forms of advantages and disadvantages. All Arena changes will only be valid for the current week. Arena players will also receive Mystery Boxes with short-term items that will expire after a period of time based on their rarity level. 

  • Legend Box: 3 days
  • Epic Box: 7 days
  • Rare Box: 7 days
  • Normal Box: 7 days

The game’s growth led to the creation of 27,125 addresses on Swimmer Network, with relatively slow and more organic growth compared to C-Chain activity.

CRA tokens have remained almost unchanged at $0.014, as it remains the game’s last staking token. TUS, the in-game reward token, is now down to $0.0002. Despite the low asset prices, Crabada remains one of the top P2E game models, still surviving with new upgrades. The game now has Swimmer League, the first professional guild for playing Crabada, and a leader in several game modes.

Crabada also brought attention to the Avalanche chain, which is becoming home to new P2E games and Web3 projects. Crabada also helped Snake City test its early-stage game before a wider Free Zone event.

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