Elementos: PvP Mode Coming Soon

Elementos is a battle RPG with breedable characters. Mentos NFT similar to Axies on Axie Infinity.
  • Elementos is a pre-launch game almost ready with PvP mode.
  • EME token yet to be launched and listed.
  • Mentos NFT characters can be bred and used for battle.

Elementos is a battle NFT game with varied element skills, which is now working on creating a game strategy of multiple skills. The game’s goal is to use five elements to defeat opponents and earn EME tokens. 


Elementos is still in its presale stage, currently accelerating its social media presence. This may grant the advantage of grabbing early perks, while waiting for the game’s full launch. However, Elementos poses a risk for buying into a game that may take a while to deploy. The best approach is to watch the game for early perks, while avoiding over-investment. 

For now, Elementos has not given a deadline for the EME token launch. The game has already created NFT items, with more than 1,000 Mentos characters listed on the native marketplace. Similar to Axie Infinity, the characters have a Breeding Count statistic and can be bred to create new generations.

Elementos Completes Blockchain Components, Awaits Game Launch 

The Mentos can then be used within daily battles, using a turns-based RPG battle mode. This game model is similar to Crabada or Axie Infinity in battlem mode.

The game’s lore circles around skills based on five natural elements, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Each Mentos has skills based on an element, which are used in atttacking.

Players must own three Mentos to start playing, and the game’s white paper does not suggest a free version. EME tokens are earned for all game activities, and may enter price discovery in the future. To launch the game, a MetaMask wallet is needed, where all EME tokens will be stored.

Mentos are only available on the game’s official website, with other minting risks probably a scam. EME tokens will be used in the game for advancements, upgrades, characters skins, and for breeding.

Elementos is also just branching out with a relatively low social media score. The game has added most of its mechanics related to using Binance Smart Chain. NFT minting must be linked to an in-game account, where each wallet is known. This is to ensure all NFT are represented on the server and can be used within the game.

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