Play Crabada: What are the New Game Rules and TOS

Crabada CRA asset stabilizes, TUS remains near lows at $0.0002.
  • New ToS ban data gathering, bot usage, match-fixing and multi-accounting.
  • Crabada extends Clashub test, partners with SnakeCity.
  • Lucky Draw keeps bringing thousands of ticket bids.

Crabada is rebuilding its terms of service, to reflect the challenges of idle games and engaging real players. Crabada introduced its new player rules that will affect the entire ecosystem.

The new ToS are meant to discourage harmful practices within the game and achieve more fair competition. Previously, Crabada tried to ban bots and used captcha to make the idle game accessible to human accounts. 

The rules affecting players ban multi-accounting, as well as any form of match-fixing and coordinating game outcomes. Additionally, Crabada has banned data-mining the game’s site or other resources, attempting to prevent attacks or bot usage. Other details resolve the issue of liability and smart contract flaws or unexpected outcomes. 

Crabada Draws In 26K Wallets

Swimmer Network, the subnet that now completely carries the Crabada game, reached the milestone of 26,000 generated wallets. 

It is still impossible to track directly the player count, though Crabada has reported battle game participants above 19K players. Additionally, a few thousand wallets are active in the daily Lucky Draw, which will distribute a Crab NFT daily.

Swimmer Network to Launch Another Game

Crabada’s team has hinted at another game coming soon, where Crab NFT can be used. Swimmer Network has been used to test the Clashub game, which aims to bring together NFT from different collections for a battle royale.

Starting this August 16, Crab owners will be able to join the new game. Clashub transforms NFT from other games or collections into their own playable cards with battle statistics. 

Cashub is also partnering with Snake City, an up and coming P2E game on the Avalanche ecosystem. For now, it is uncertain if Snake City would also try to use Swimmer Network for its development.

TUS, CRA Go for Small Recovery

The focus of Crabada is on improving the game and building up the Swimmer Network ecosystem. In the meantime, the CRA native token stabilized around $0.016. Treasure Under Sea (TUS) is at $0.0002, after bouncing from an even lower dip.

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