Axie Infinity: New Exclusive Tournament Runs $500K Prize Pool

Axie Infinity brings back the Classic game for an epic tournament running until August 21.
  • Summer breeding event keeps drawing attention to Axie Infinity.
  • AXS rallies above $17 on news of new Axie Classic tournament stage 1 starting today.
  • Time slots available to compete for Eastern or Western time zones for all owners of 3 Axies.

Axie Infinity is a growing attraction, kicking off the Axie Classic Tournament this July 28. The event will run until August 21, and some of the phases will take place during the Axie meetup in Barcelona. 

The first stage will distribute $250K in rewards to all eligible players with a team of three Axie NFTs. Gaming slots will be available for Eastern and Western time zones. The registration page is still active, also selling access to the Barcelona event. After eliminations, 16 of the final Champions will attend the Barcelona event live and compete again for the ultimate winner.

Outside special events, Axie Infinity completed its last Season 21 and will have a hiatus until Origin is fully launched with P2E rewards. Axie Infinity attracts around 35K active players daily based on blockchain data, and possibly more for Origin testing through the free app. Axie is the sixth busiest game, even during the special summer breeding event. 

Axie Remains Highly Active

Despite the low rewards for the idle game, Axie is very far from being a defunct game. Players still choose Axie for its fun features, and even with low rewards, the game has evolved since its version in the summer of 2021. 

The Axie ecosystem has proven resilient to the bear market, adapting with new sources of short-term income through tournaments. Land staking is also active, and Axies with special features still fetch high prices and create competition during breeding events.

The Ronin network now carries most of the Axie Infinity traffic, with guilds also joining to validate transactions. 

The recent news of the tournament and the Origin upgrade in the past day also added energy to AXS trading. The game’s token rose to $17.27, adding more than 11% overnight. SLP stabilized around $0.004, still not breaking out to a higher tier, but seeing some demand as a fee for breeding. RON, the native asset of the Ronin network, rose to $0.46 after a limited recovery.

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