Five DAO for Web3 Developers in 2023: Leading Communities for Builders

In addition to offering learning and building tools, DAO bring together developers for cooperation and work opportunities.
  • DAO bring together both investors and developer talent.
  • In 2023, DAO are choosing Web3 as their main theme.
  • DAO participation often requires token ownership or an NFT purchase.

A DAO, or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is one of the innovations closely tied to blockchain usage. DAO can have different purposes, such as having a share in a game, or voting for token-based projects. Some of the DAO are centered around the needs of developers, creating a community and allowing for various forms of passive income. A DAO is an addition to Web3 tools offered by most of the existing blockchains.

Some of the more prominent DAO have established strong exclusive communities, becoming fixtures in Web3 space. 

Developer DAO: Top Choice for Web3 Builders

Developer DAO, as its name suggests, focuses on the builders of blockchain and Web3 projects. Joining the DAO still requires a 0.2 ETH fee, similar to other organizations which require some form of token ownership. Developer DAO also carries the CODE token used within the ecosystem for voting, based on user contributions. CODE needs to be added to the original DAO NFT in order to have both entrance into the Discord community, and voting rights. Holding 400 CODE grants entry to the DAO, as well as basic voting rights.

The advantages of Developer DAO are in its relatively high profile. The main disadvantage is that its community is paid, and may not be as active as expected. However, Developer DAO shows a highly active social media profile, with both virtual and live events. Additionally, Developer DAO offers funding for competitive projects.

Developer DAO also offers NFT as an entry ticket. The DAO offers a Web3 academy, as well as hackathons and regular discussions. The resources target experienced developers, but also aim to onboard newcomers to Web3. Developer DAO partners with Infura, the main provider of full Ethereum history. 

LearnWeb3Dao: Focus on Education

Learn Web3 DAO focuses on offering free educational resources to as many developers as possible. The materials in Learn Web3 are organized by level, and offer insight into specific blockchains such as Polygon, Celo and Flow. Courses range from freshman to senior, along with additional professional tracks for specific networks.

Learn Web3 DAO is dedicated to the cutting edge of Web3 technology, including the recently released Polygon ZkSDK. Some of the features and building bundles will be added in the near future. 

Joining the DAO offers a source of passive income, but only for holding an EarnWeb3 Early Pass NFT. The learn and earn feature is still in beta stage and may undergo changes. 

The other advantage of Learn Web3 is that it showcases all developers with their experience and skills, also serving as a Web3 employment opportunity. Learn Web3 DAO is also hiring already skilled developers.

Learn Web3 is also partnering with Third Web, one of he fast-developing Web3 SDK hubs. Special courses and tradining materials are dedicated to mastering the tools of Third Web, along with a growing list of niche Web3 features.

BuidlGuidl: Bringing Together Ethereum Builders

BuidlGuidl, deliberately spelled to recall crypto jargon “hodl”, is a community specially created for Ethereum developers. This developer hub focuses on hackathons, organizing events with a prize pool. The group of developers is curated for skill and for avoiding bots, with the goal of building prototypes for the Web3 ecosystem. 

The BuidlGuidl also offers a real-time view of contributions, making it one of the more secure venues with real participation. The DAO also hosts the projects that were created by its members. 

BuidlGuidl also offers pre-made solutions that can be fitted to other projects, such as a wallet compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The tools also include special interactions with smart contracts, and Ethereum “hooks” for faster Web3 apps. 

Odyn by Kapital DAO: Browser Game Publishing

Odyn is a new project supported by Kapital DAO, which will focus on publishing Web3 browser games. Accessible products are one of the staples of P2E and other forms of blockchain-based gaming.

The Odyn project is targeted to developers, but also serves as a hub for end users. Odyn also offers an abbreviated publication process, as well as consultation for developer teams. All games gain exposure and can be elevated to higher visibility through community voting.

Moloch DAO: Funding for Web3 and Research

Moloch DAO is one of the most flexible organizations, which can potentially fund new Web3 projects. Moloch DAO started out as a source of funding, also drawing in members to pledge wETH tokens. 

Moloch DAO offers a paid membership for pledging a minimum of 10 wETH. Other ways of joining the DAO include taking up tasks, or by applying for project or research grants. Activity on Moloch DAO may vary, but it remains one of the potential sources for Web3 grants. 

DAO hubs require some commitment and often ask for holding tokens and voting. If the DAO is active, it coud serve as a source of advice or meeting with high-profile Web3 developers. Building for the Web3 space is dynamic and new hot projects may arise very fast, with tool hubs trying to catch up.

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