ANKR Becomes Another Source for Detailed Web3 Tools

ANKR protocol focuses on fast RPC with connectivity to 27 leading blockchains.

ANKR Protocol is expanding its outreach through Web3 tools, with its biggest strength the RPC features for fast calls to multiple blockchains. ANKR also offers a well-documented set of tools for all Web3 building tasks.

ANKR aims to become the fastest Web3 infrastructure, with a native blockchain as an alternative to Ethereum. Again, fast RPC and connectivity are the key, but ANKR also offers node infrastructure, as well as safe and fast access to its native blockchain. 

ANRK reports 40K developers in its community, building in a connected world of Web3. Most of the ANKR features are free, though there are also premium and enterprise-tier RPC access packages for a total of 27 blockchains. The Enterprise tier also includes personal engineering assistance, while Premium stands out for having unlimited RPC.

The ANKR tools are targeted to almost all types of Web3 builders, for decentralized apps, games, NFT platforms, DeFi protocols, data indexers and metaverses. ANKR has served DeFi project SushiSwap and the MetaApes game

ANKR Onboards Ready-Made Web2 Apps

The MetaApes studio had a working product, and ANKR helped onboard it and add NFT and other Web3 features in two weeks. ANKR also consulted the game on going from pay-to-play into a sustainable play-to-earn model.

The MetaApes project tried to build its own blockchain, but found that path too expensive and uncertain. Hence, the game picked ANKR as a well-established onboarding solution, with a wallet-as-a-service and fully tested SDK for the smart contracts and NFT. 

ANKR also removed the need for a game-specific blockchain, which may be less scalable, and will require players to have a better understanding of wallets. 

ANKR also offers a streamlined experience with documentation and tutorials, thus being able to predict the needs of already working Web2 apps for adding the right mix of Web3 features. The ANKR nodes and native chain, as well as other chains, offer already established capabilities to carry a large player base for established games. The MetaApes case showed the Web3 tools can sustain a game with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

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