Fuse Network Brings Web3 SDK Focused on Payment Processing

Fuse Smart Wallet ties a user identity to a smart contract, creating a secure vault that cannot be accessed without the user’s input.
  • Fuse Network offers Smart Wallet SDK for easy integration with Web2 identities.
  • Smart wallets are still cryptographically protected but do not depend on the end user to hold the keys.
  • Fuse Network focuses on payment tools for merchants and apps using native or external tokens.

Fuse Network is one of the advanced projects for Web3 SDK, adding to a list of general or niche tools. Fuse network is now focusing on payment processing mechanisms, tapping the monetization potential of Web3. The Fuse Network approach also follows the trend of Web3 enhancing the Web2 infrastructure, instead of replacing it. 

Fuse Network recently revealed its renewed 2023 roadmap, both for reaching out and for rebuilding its own network for speed and security. 


Fuse Network is one of the Web3 solution hubs with a native blockchain, expanding the potential for projects seeking an alternative to Ethereum. 

Fuse Network Offers User-Friendly Wallet System

Fuse Network is offering a renewed SDK targeted at Web3 developers, which will offer a new form of integrated wallets. The Fuse approach is to remove the requirement for unforgiving wallets that cannot be recovered. 

Wallet key loss and recovery is one of the barriers to entry into Web3. The chance for a native app wallet with a recovery tool may boost mass adoption.


The Fuse payment system will allow all apps to accept tokenized assets. Using tokens is also becoming uncoupled from crypto trading, as in the case of loyalty projects or in-game tokens with no demand for trading. Fuse, however, has tools that can also be applied to merchant products.

Fuse Smart Wallets link a Web2 or app identity to a secure smart contract. Cryptographic protection is still strong, but it is not the task of the end user. Instead, users still have the ultimate control over their funds, but also a chance of recovery through a protected account identity. 

Fuse Smart Wallet allows all app developers to bring immediate Web3 connection, without asking users to build their own wallets and store their private keys. This tool may help build apps that onboard existing Web2 users who are used to simpler account creation. At the same time, the wallet will handle gas fees and allow users to send both tokens and NFT in the wider blockchain ecosystem.

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