Agoric Onboards JavaScript Developers to Smart Contract Building and Web3

Agoric is one of the few Web3 packages to offer JavaScript components and a growing library focused on DeFi and NFT.
  • Agoric builds JavaScript smart contract components to boost new Web3 startups.
  • New 10-week Developer bootcamp starts in April to showcase the Agoric portfolio.
  • Agoric is also building a native blockchain with cross-chain capabilities.

Agoric is a hub aiming to draw in skilled developers with the potential of branching out into Web3. Agoric offers a mix of pre-built components to create smart contracts tailored to projects. All of the contracts can be deployed and tested on the Agoric blockchain, which is part of the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Agoric is also actively onboarding potential Web3 developers by partnerships and the creation of bootcamps. The event kicks off in April and will offer 10 weeks of training for developers seeking to build and monetize Web3 apps.

The Agoric toolset is also possible to master for developers with no previous Web3 experience, and has the potential to tap into a wider pool of talent, outside crypto developers. By leveraging JavaScrips, Agoric aims to allow Web3 projects to find developers more easily, while Solidity-based projects face a harder task.

Agoric Aims to Speed Up Web3 Projects

Agoric joins the trend of helping projects build up their app faster, without focusing for too long on the Web3 side and the need to build it from scratch. Agoric has created a JavaScript library of tested smart contracts, which are composable and well-tested beforehand. 

Developers can pick up contracts to use existing currencies or tokens, mint new ones, or control NFT creation and access. Agoric also allows the building of DeFi contracts and the trading side of Web3 projects where needed. The Agoric library plans to grow in the future and address all possible assets with a cross-chain infrastructure. 

The Agoric network is still incomplete, and will turn to full onboarding after Q2. By then, the platform will allow the launch of permissioned and permissionless smart contracts. Agoric also has the goal of adding earnings to Web3 projects as fast as possible. Some of the Web3 tools include an upcoming fiat on-ramp and direct sales. 

Agoric also offers Keplr wallet, a tool to reach up to 30 listed blockchains and integrate into Web3 apps. All of the Agoric smart contracts are compatible with Ethereum and can connect to ChainLink services. The project is fully open source and transparent about its participants.

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