GameFi Builds Easy Access Scholarship Hub

GameFi and its GAFI token reflect the state of P2E gaming and interest in new IGO projects.
  • GameFi aggregates top IGO, and now has a guild hub for scholarships and events.
  • GAFI token below $15, reflects slowing P2E gaming sector.
  • GameFi remains top hub, supported by Animoca Brands.

GameFi, one of the largest decentralized gaming hubs, has built a mechanism to apply for the best scholarships. With this tool, GameFi grants access to its affiliated guilds, which cover the most active games. A centralized application hub may save time and avoid scams. 

For the guilds included, Pegaxy is among the top games. This game’s economy has become guild-driven, relying on multiple Pega NFT and guild wealth to produce profits.

Initially, the hub will start with Avocado DAO, GuildFi, YGG SEA, Good Games Guild and add new verified guilds with time. There is a big difference between guilds at scale and small scholarships. The goal of GameFi is not to waste the time of players and aggregate all open scholarships, events and rewards to be expected. 

The advantage of GameFi is that potential players can explore availability with a single MetaMask connection, avoiding scams or risky links.

The advantage of GameFi is in its game-curation efforts and the addition of P2E games in advanced development. 

GameFi may be a tool for games to thrive better during the bear market, while retaining the most dedicated scholars.

GameFi Still Offers Game Token Sales

The guild hub of GameFi focuses on a short, curated list of games. But GameFi also works as one of the top listing platforms for Initial Game Offerings, or IGO. 

New token sales continue, in a safe environment with whitelisting. Ocealand IGO is currently in the whitelisting stage. The Monsterra game is also launching soon, with other games also waiting in the IGO pipeline.

GAFI Token Near Lows

The impact of GAFI was biggest in late 2021, when the P2E model reached its peak. GAFI is now down to $14.29, from peaks above $323 in December 2021.

GAFI token ownership also allows for staking to participate in an IGO by buying tickets. Still, GAFI is pressured by low trading volumes on KuCoin and Gate.IO. 

GameFi is still supported by Animoca Brands and uses the lower-fee Polygon network. Now, the biggest challenge is to gather the most dedicated players in a bear market.

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