What New Rules Define Pegaxy Genetic Fusion

Pegaxy (PGX) brings in a high player count, but game earnings dwindle on slim decentralized trading.

Pegaxy asset prices are the biggest issue to determine the game’s direction.

  • Low VIS prices offer a chance to test breeding and fusion strategies.

Pegaxy introduced new rules to its fusion mechanism, taking into account Pega genetics. Previously, fused Pega had randomly generated statistics and only inherited the Type of the higher-ranked Pega.

Genetic fusing will copy the Genetic Breeding mechanism, copying and combining the statistics of the selected NFT. Normal fusion will be retained, and Genetic Fusion will have double the fees, for producing potentially more valuable Pega. 

Genetic fusion, along with racing lobby selection, decreases the randomness and boosts the potential for strategic play, aiming for the higher prize pools and more suitable competitions for a given Pega’s qualities.

After the maintenance period on May 31, Pegaxy’s users rallied to 12.49K, up more than 41% in the past day. The game returned among top 3 apps on Polygon, after other games lost users. 

Players Seek Best NFT Strategy with Cheap Fusion, Breeding

Pega NFT have expanded to 851.9K, as fusion has not managed to shrink the numbers. Floor price stagnated at 0.002 ETH, while players are still exploring which are the best breeding and fusion strategies. The highest last sale of a Pega is 3 ETH, with 1.24 ETH traded per day on average.

At this point, Pegaxy is a low-earnings game, but players and guilds are not abandoning it, due to its future potential. The game team now looks for ways to offer higher returns or more excitement, hinting at skilled gameplay coming soon.

PGX, the native governance and reward token, is down to $0.03. VIS crashed to $0.0002, at least offering cheaper breeding and fusion. The game itself carries around $164K locked as value, with very slim trading volumes on its native assets.

The Themis platform already has several live proposals. Among them is a vote on restarting the entire Pegaxy economy, as current VIS trading rewards are not attractive enough. Another proposal suggests burning VIS to disable adds on the mobile app. Another proposal suggests building up liquidity for decentralized VIS and PGX trading, to escape the current rock-bottom prices on DEX trading.

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