A Guide to Guilds: Pick the Best Guilds for P2E Earnings

P2E guilds: which guilds are active with top games. Constantly expanded list to seek scholarships.

Guilds open the opportunity to earn from top games without a big initial investment. Guilds also offer high-ranked NFT playable characters, offering more exciting play and higher rewards.

Guilds vary between large organizations with DAO structures and small-scale manager operations. Check the list of guilds for open positions in available scholarships.

Guild NameTop GamesBlockchainsTwitter
Yield Guild GamesLeague of Kingdoms, Illuvium, The Sandbox, Splinterlands, Axie InfinityRonin, Ethereum, BSC@YieldGuild
FiefBlood and CoinN/A@FiefGuild
Merit CircleVulcanVerse, Axie Infinity, IlluviumRonin, Ethereum@MeritCircle_IO
Avocado DAOThetan Arena, Revv Racing, Cyball, Big TimeEthereum@Avocadoguild
UnixGamingAxie Infinity, Star AtlasRonin, BSC, Solana, Ethereum@UniXGamingGuild
Good Games GuildAxie Infinity, Pegaxy, Cyball, OthersEthereum, Polygon, BSC, Others@goodgamesguild
Shadow Legacy GuildCyballBSC@shadowlegacygld
San Lazarus GuildPegaxyPolygon@SanLazarusGuild
SiiiGuildPegaxy, StarbotsPolygon@SiiiCGuild
AAAGuildVulcan ForgedPolygon@AAGGuild
KindGuildAxie InfinityRonin@KindGuild
ApolloGuildAxie InfinityRonin@ApolloGGuild
LootSquag GGPegaxyPolygon@LootSquadGG
UnboundNationAxie InfinityRonin@UnboundNationIO
MetaGoonsAxie Infinity, Yield Guild Games PartnerRonin@MetaGoons
MetaGamingGuildAxie InfinityRonin@MetaGamingGuild
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