Genopets Speeds Up Crafting with Expedite Feature

Players must still bank Energy for their pets through steps, but sGENE tokens can now buy a chance for more rare Augments.
  • Genopets aims for a sustainable, gamified move-to-earn feature.
  • Crafting is now immediate, with no waiting time. Rerolls may produce more rare items.
  • Paying sGENE tokens is a requirement to speed up crafting and reroll for new Alchemy results.

Genopets remains one of the sustainable move-to-earn and metaverse games, with its mix of digital NFT pets, movement rewards, and crafting recipes. The game has a strong community and has avoided the burnout of move-to-earn games by controlling its economy through scarcity. 

Now, Genopets is once again trending as it is offering a fast track for crafters that want a more dynamic experience.

Crafters will also have the chance to Re-Roll through a sGENE token fee, where they will try to receive a better item based on a predetermined chance chart. Players can Reroll up to three times, costing respectively 1, 2 and 3 GENE. A Reroll may, for instance, produce an Augment item with a higher rarity.

Before, crafting items was random and required a long idle time and unpredictable progress. The new features will allow players more control of the game, including a “craft now” option. 

The Expedite function will be a burn mechanism for GENE tokens, and players can select how much GENE to pay to speed up their crafting recipe. Genopets aims to bring more GENE back into the game’s economy through various in-game purchases and upgrades. 

Players can hold sGENE, which is only locked in the game but also own GENE, a tradable token with representation on decentralized and regular crypto exchanges. GENE tokens are currently at $0.36, sliding from above $0.50 in the past month, and the new Expedite feature may boost the price if the tokens are burned. 

Genopets Keeps NFT Importance, Free-to-Play Option

Genopets is also worth watching for additional NFT drops and special events, as last week’s free NFT giveaway for social media tasks. 

Genopets still relies on banking steps as its main mechanic and as the main source of Energy for pets. But the team also tries to gamify all the elements and add chance and advancements, to keep players engaged and provide growth goals. 

Genopets is still in closed beta, though a signup list is open. The game is free to play, but Pet owners may get additional perks and participate in caring for their Pet and evolving. Genopets also tries to remain free-to-play, though with the chance to buy a Habitat, seek Resources and craft Augments.

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