Genopets Focuses on First Crafting Recipes for Pet Augments

Genopets keeps building despite the loss of value for the KI and GENE tokens.
  • Genopets brought the firs three Augments craftable in the game.
  • Players can now feed their pets while waiting for them to level up and grow.
  • Genopets remains one of the top move-to-earn games.

Genopets is now expanding its crafting activity, showcasing its potential to alter the Pets int he game. Players are also busy growing their Pets, which are one of the collections with the least reselling. The end goal is to combine recipes and in-game crystals, to produce armor-like elements for the Pets. 

The end goal of Genopets is to release a battle game in 2023, where the new armor will have real utility. In the meantime, banking steps is one of the important modes of advancement, in addition to feeding the Pets and leveling them up.

Genopets can now receive Horn, Wings and Mane, craftable through recipe fragments found in the metaverse. The elements, also known as Pet Augments, also come in a variety of rarities, offering a chance element in the game.

Genopets has adopted a model of adding and evolving its game in stages, aiming for a richer complete experience with competitions and tournaments. The Augments are in addition to the usual arc of choosing foods for the Pet and seeing them grow into new levels. Genopets still achieves most of its activity offline, hence its relative inactivity on Binance Smart Chain. 

Genopets Keeps Up Solana Activity

At the same time, Pets keep trading on Solana, with a total reported volume of 71,456 SOL. The GENE token is also using Solana. The Solana blockchain shows activity carrying GENE and KI tokens, as well as some of the Pets NFT recently changing hands. 

Genopets is now challenged to retain its game model and build a player base. The GENE token lost a big part of its value in the past three months, down from stability above $2 to around $0.70. The price of KI token is more stable at $0.02, as the asset is mostly used within the game for upgrading. 

Genopets is considered one of the successful move-to-earn games that are still building. Unlike full lifestyle move-to-earn, Genopets also builds a metaverse, instead of relying on breeding Pets. The game’s NFT, habitats and pets, are scarce and cannot be overproduced.

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