Genopets Expands Pet Activities, Brings Year-End Games

Genopets has incentives to hold onto NFT, KI and GENE tokens, advancing in the game despite the bear market.
  • Genopets brings a social media challenge to win additional prizes.
  • The game added its first Alchemy crafting recipes.
  • Genopets ends 2022 in Whitelist Beta, slowly expanding its user base.

Genopets aims to boost engagement as a mix of metaverse and lifestyle app. The game recently introduced tools to feed pets, with the goal of bringing more in-game engagement. The game is still in the whitelist beta stage for a limited rolling launch, and aims to provide more features to retain players. Recently, the game released its latest report on Genoverse upgrades.

For regular or sporadic players, Genopets is also running a series of year-end challenges based on social media tasks. Players have to provide content and be judged to draw three winners.

Genopets remains a step-measuring app as well, offering small KI and GENE earnings. However, the project has aimed to transform its goals with new Pet upgrades, crafting recipes and metaverse quests.

After December’s upgrades, players can continue to hunt for recipe pages, meaning they can try to craft new items. Genopets has added Alchemical Crafting, which builds potion. In the future, players will also gain access to Refinement crafting and Terraforming crafting, which improves the in-game Crystals and the available land plots. Recipes are an end-game feature, requiring long-term effort to complete and apply to the Pet or the Metaverse. 

Initially, players will be able to craft Augments, Cosmetic Crystals and Reagents for adding to their Pet. 

Genopets Keeps Most Activities Off-Chain

Genopets only has sporadic interactions with BNB Chain. There is strong incentive to hold onto Pets and upgrade them, hence a very small NFT resale market. 

GENE and KI tokens are also used for staking instead of trading during the crypto bear market. This creates conditions to make Genopets build for a game-first experience. Players are still using their banked steps to gain XP and buy Energy for their pet, with the goal of leveling up. The Pets go through stages and advancements, making the NFT even more valuable. 

Genopets also worked as an NFT-based game, encouraging owners of Genesis Pets to hold onto their items for future in-game perks and preferences. Most of the original collection is still held closely and not listed on OpenSea.

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