DOS Lab Subnet on Avalanche Turns into Hub for Web3 Developers

Avalanche is one of the top networks drawing in Web3 games with the goal of
  • DOS Labs partners with multiple game studios to onboard Web2 games into Web3.
  • Avalanche subnets offer low fees and immediate transactions for tokens and NFT ownership.
  • DOS Labs Subnet launched on February 13, carrying the Meta DOS brawler battle game.

Avalanche Subnets are one of the emerging technologies for game development. For now, Avalanche is serving just a handful of subnets, of which Swimmer Network is high-profile and already carries two completed P2E games with growing communities. 

DOS Labs Subnet is also notable, reporting more than 400K players and a trend to add new games and development teams. DOS Labs launched in mid-February and is already trying to spread its presence.

Avalanche blockchain and AvaLabs are also major hubs for project curation, offering a mix of services tailored to games. Subnets carry games that started out as P2E, like Crabada, but also Web2 games that moved to Web3, such as CastleCrush. 

DOS Labs Subnet also launched with one of its first games ready to supply players and activity. DOS Labs Subnets was built with the goal of serving gaming projects, with its flagman game, Meta DOS launched on the same date.

DOS Labs Subnet emerged as a product of DOS Labs gaming studio, but with a view to adding more gaming products. DOS Labs offers Unity, Unreal and other SDK for high-grade games. DOS Labs is now expanding by affiliation with Vietnam-based game producers, offering the growth opportunities of Avalanche’s technology. 

DOS Labs Reaches Out to Both Developers and Players

DOS Labs also noted there may be up to 20 steps for a player to join a Web3 game the old way. The goal of DOS Labs Subnet is to lower the number of steps to just three, and reach mass adoption.

With its latest expansion, DOS Labs may become one of the hubs to help Web2 games expand into Web3 with a seamless addition of ownership. Subnets offer fast real-time transactions for very low fees. 

The potential of DOS Labs Subnet will first be showcased with Meta DOS 3D battle royale game. Meta DOS will be a last-player-standing game, where Time will be the most valuable resource. Playerst must loot time while also battling, to defeat opponents and remain the last in the brawl battle.

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