Crabada Updates Battle Game with Arena Mode, Batch Feeding, Team Formations

Arena mode will keep track of scores for a weekly leaderboard.
  • Crabs can now be batch-fed or gain access to TUS Fries if they have not looted food.
  • Arena battles will award experience and Crystal Shells.
  • Arena Tickets can be acquired with a rising TUS fee.

Crabada is introducing Arena Mode, the new set of features for the Battle game. The updates will mostly center around arena matching and chances, as well as building a TUS sink to pay for battle participation tickets. 

The other big addition is Batch Feeding, where all available Crabs can be fed to have top energy. If the player has not foraged enough food, they can also purchase TUS Fries as a substitute. The new update will also add team formation where a player pays 1,000 TUS to build preset teams instead of selecting Crabs every time. 

The Crabada game will rank Crabs based on their score, but the score itself will be a part of the player’s account and not recorded as a feature of the NFT. Thus, the rank and price of the NFT does not also reflect potential game success. The intrinsic qualities and powers of a Crab NFT do affect the battle, but the final ranking is also a matter of strategy.

Arena Mode: Leaderboards, TUS Payments

Arena mode will introduce leaderboards and a competitive goal to all battles. Crabada will also track rankings from Monday to Sunday each week.

Each week, players will begin with 1,000 Arena Points. Points are earned or lost during matches, and depend on the difference between the point levels of the opponents. The game will automatically match players with close Arena Point rankings.

Each player will have three Arena Tickets at a time, which either renew every four hours, or can be purchased for TUS. The more tickets are bought, the more expensive they get, creating an incentive for “whales” to burn more TUS.

Winning matches and ranking at the top will bring Experience Points and Crystal Shells, instead of token rewards. This shifts the balance of Crabada from the currently non-viable P2E mode. The game also offers some token grinding potential through the idle game, which can finance some of the TUS to pay for arena tickets.

TUS currently trades at $0.0002, thus the maximum 30 Arena Tickets will cost 10,200 TUS or around $2. Additionally, users can pay 20 TUS to re-match with another team.

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