HealthFi to Offer Multi-Sport App Access

HealthFi has multi-mode, offering movement tracking for running, jumping action and biking.
  • HealthFi is a new multi-mode app with a live iOS and Android app.
  • NFT boxes now available at discount for BNB tokens.
  • No native token launched so far, game is in early stage with scarce NFT.

HealthFi is taking move-to-earn to another level, adding jump-to-earn action. In this regard, HealthFi is similar to StepApp, but hinges on jumping movement and a collection of jump rope mystery boxes. The big advantage of HealthFi is that it has already launched and is fully functional, while StepApp is taking its time. The app includes three movement modes, jumping, biking and running.

The approach of HealthFi also means a more diverse set of NFT items. The app offers multiple sports boxes with jumping ropes of varied rarity and different in-game advantage.

The chief attractor is that the app is open to anyone, with daily airdrops available out of multiple NFT boxes. So far, the app has been downloaded only hundreds of times, still lagging behind other games with a mobile version.

The game is still in the early joiners stage, potentially offering higher returns. The game just joined the ranking of top trending P2E games on, and will start to collect supporters. 

HealthFi Still Offers Scarce NFT Boxes

HealthFi is currently recruiting supporters via app downloads. There is also a possibility to buy boxes at a discount of 0.45 BNB. The current round is for early adopters, potentially awaiting for more perks down the line. 

Move-to-earn apps remain lifestyle-oriented, but early access may also grant additional NFT advantages or early token adoption. HealthFi is focusing on NFT, so far not sharing plans for a fungible token or trading on crypto exchanges. HealthFi arrives quite late to the game, with STEPN (GMT) still the earliest and leading move-to-earn app, at least in terms of token representation on exchanges. 

But STEPN also has the disadvantage of diminished rewards, as well as lowered interest over time. STEPN also sold overpriced NFT, with HealthFi still trying to offer a more reasonable entry point. 

Minting new NFT and breeding mechanics won’t come to the game until the end of 2022, potentially limiting the number of items available. NFT oversupply has been a problem for move-to-earn games, undermining prices and requiring fixes line NFT burns.

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