Move-to-Earn Games to Watch This Summer

Move-to-earn games are coming to the front during the warm season in the Northern hemisphere, offering a new chance of earnings.
  • STEPN revived the P2E model with new incentives to move.
  • New apps launch soon, offering an entry through NFT ownership.

With the summer season coming up, move-to-earn games may have their peak. The leading game, STEPN (GMT), already shows players walking much more than necessary, outpacing potential earnings. Move-to-earn games have a unique appeal in actually encouraging a pleasant activity, which is also tied to tokenized income as a bonus. 

STEPN is a high-return game, which now has a very high barrier to entry due to the need to buy sneaker NFTs. Early players end up making a significant income, especially after signing up other players and selling sneaker NFTs. 

Beause of the high earnings potential of STEPN, the game model is becoming attractive for new move-to-earn offers and tweaks to the general NFT plus movement mix.

More new apps are coming to creatively integrate the move-to-earn model. Play2Moon watched apps getting ready for token sales and offering perks and rewards. 

WalkN App

WalkN App prepares for its token sale at the end of May. Whitelisting is now open, with an allocation of $100 for 200 whitelisting spots. 

WalkN App integrates walking, jogging and running. The app is still gathering up a community and its token will be rather illiquid initially. Walkn is getting bootstrapped with a small angel investor round before the IDO.

Run Nation

This app is launching in June, and will offer personalized NFT designs. The app will also work toward sports sponsorships, PvP mode with competitions, and a two-token model.

Run Nation will aim to differentiate itself with live meetings and community-building. 


This app is a close competitor of STEPN. In addition to movement tracking, the app relies on NFT appeal, with regular loot box campaigns.

The app’s token, FITFI, is also gaining acceptance and was recently added to Other staking mechanisms are also available for FITFI, such as DeBank on the Avalanche network. 

Step.App is worth watching, as it will release the private beta whitelisting process soon, with a chance for an early preview.

Most move-to-earn apps rely on a model of athletics or cardio training. Others, like Genopets, map out their metaverse to the real world and includes Pokemon-like hunting. Projects like Aircoins also include metaverse and movement treasure hunts.

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