StepApp Prepares for Limited Access Beta

StepApp is among the long-awaited games with significant NFT and token activity.
  • StepApp offers regular raffles and giveaways for FITFI staking.
  • Beta version to be tested before mass release.
  • FITFI rises to $0.09 on general market recovery.

StepApp, one of the long-awaited move-to-earn games, signaled it is ready to launch its closed beta. Step.App announced it would unroll its beta codes for selected communities to test the game’s features.

StepApp is also trying to launch its own blockchain, to differentiate from other move-to-earn projects that hinge on using existing public blockchains. STEPN, the most high-profile app, is trying to spread by adopting communities on Solana, BSC and Ethereum. The next milestone for StepApp will be the final announcement of the mainnet launch for its own blockchain. Currently, StepApp uses Polygon for its token and shoe NFT.

StepApp Hopes on Improved Market Conditions for FITFI

StepApp has been delaying its launch, waiting for a market relief and a bounce from lows. Even without a working app, the game has started with a series of NFT, airdrops, raffles and the launch of the FITFI token. FITFI is up around 30% in the past few days, moving from $0.06 to $0.09.

StepApp still registers around 578 users of its smart contracts, mostly related to the distribution of NFT shoes, FITFI staking and lootbox activity.

Despite the delay, StepApp is also considering business partnerships and joining high-profile running events. The move-to-earn set of games still expects a series of launches in 2022, including Genopets, with demand for new movement economies that may bring additional value. 

At the same time, users are more aware of the STEPN lowered earnings potential, due to the drop in the price of Green Satoshi Token (GST). GST has kept falling to the $0.07 range, putting it close to the range of FITFI. 

StepApp shoes are also on sale through OpenSea, though for only a handful of items. The need for shoes remains low due to the still inactive game and unknown earnings. Shoe pairs are supposed to give in-game advantage and to become the hub of the game’s economy. 

Other recently trending move-to-earn games include ApeMove, HealthFi and Walken. Coin Hunt World is also touching on the move-to-earn trend combined with augmented reality and a puzzle game.

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