KlayDice Prepares for Large-Scale Gaming Event

KlayDice to add location, Hero and item NFTs soon.
  • KlayDice hinted at a big playing event coming soon.
  • DICE token has only traded for weeks and is still discovering its price levels.
  • KlayDice NFT are yet to be launched for early adopters.

KlayDice hinted at organizing a large-scale event soon. The game, one of the prominent Klaytn P2E offers, is now gaining visibility as it targets a wider market. KlayDice is also trying to expand its social media outreach before the event. 

KlayDice is based on Klaytn, the blockchain built by Kakao Corp. and targeting specifically the South Korean crypto and gaming market. KlayDice is already live, supporting DICAST GOLD, a crypto-based version of the DICAST: Rules of Chaos game. 

The advantage of the game is its completed mobile app, which can significantly boost outreach. KlayDice aims to offer a crypto-based digital Monopoly game, where players pick a mix of strategy and luck. The game’s Heroes and advancements, as well as cards, can have an effect on the game’s outcome. 

KlayDice is still untracked among Klaytn games. The blockchain carries 10 game apps, including ambitious games like A3: Still Alive. However, most Klaytn games resemble the approach of WAX or Wemix apps, offering free mobile access with limited NFT or tokenization components. 

KlayDice currently gives away stablecoin rewards for social media tasks, and has not specified the nature of its event. The game aims to bring players used to having a regular in-game profile and a completed set of features. 

KlayDice Introduces DICE Token

The KlayDice P2E setup is not finished without DICE, the game’s native token. DICE started trading just weeks ago in September, and is still in its earliest price discovery stage. In the past few weeks, DICE moved between $0.14 and the current lows of $0.06.

For now, DICE trades mostly on ByBit, with some help from a less active MEXC trading pair. At this point, it is uncertain what the monetization potential will be for Klaydice and its games.

KlayDice has not yet launched its NFT, of which there will be three types: Hero, Base and Item NFT. Base will be the game’s launching point with strategic advantages, while items will be the most important to gain an edge in winning.

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