GemHub to Release Jelly Snake Game, Reaches Token Listing Milestone

The GemHub ecosystem expanded with mini-games in the past few months.
  • GemHub adds Jelly Snake, a new game to expand its ecosystem.
  • Jelly Snake will share the $DCB token with Play dCube.
  • GemHub recently listed its GHUB token on LBank for extra liquidity and trading access.

GemHub is now in the process of releasing Jelly Snake, its new mini-game. The hub is boosting its user participation by running a special pre-listing event. The Gleam task list will be open for signups until the game’s release, date still pending.

The event is an early chance to earn some of the project’s tokens, DCB. Play dCube is a relatively recent arrival in the space of P2E games, and offers casual products based on the appeal of similar Web2 games.

Jelly Snake is now preparing to launch as an app on GooglePlay, currently in pre-registration phase. The Apple mobile version is expected later this year. Jelly Snake will have P2E, but also in-game ads to drive revenues. 

Jelly Snake: Simple Game with Challenging Progress

Jelly Snake is a simple casual game with short matches. But there is an element of skill in this snake-type game, where only the best can reach the top levels. 

Jelly Snake, along with dCube, are part of the GemHub ecosystem, which will aim to offer simple and casual games. The products will contain puzzles, mazes, simple skill games, as well as games with an element of random luck. Before Jelly Snake, Number Shoot also went through a pre-registration period.

Jelly Snake Adds to the Growing GemHub Ecosystem

Jelly Snake, dCube and GemHub will be tied by opportunities for token trading. Initially, players may receive some DCB in their account, which will also be earned in the game. DCB will serve as the in-game token for Jelly Snake. 

Additionally, DCB will be tradable for GHUB tokens, which gained an additional listing on the LBank exchange.

Despite being tokenized, all mini-games will be free-to-play with only rare and skill-based advancements. For now, the project is focusing mainly on launching fun games, and may add other Web3 components later.

GemHub games also include Sid Eternal, ZombieNoid, GiantN, as well as AquaPang and Rappelz Universe. The games are based on the Klaytn blockchain, specifically created to carry P2E projects. GemHub is also a Web3 platform for third parties to deploy their games and use the Klaytn ecosystem.

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