Avatara MMORPG Expands with SE Asia Server

Avatara opens up signup for new SA and SE Asia servers.

Avatara is a character-driven, high-grade MMORPG with regular events and prize pool opportunities. Recently, the game added a new server for Southeast Asia, tapping a lively gaming market. Avatara is another Klaytn-based game, which follows the model of bringing quality animation and a product capable of onboarding a mass audience.


In addition to the new server, Avatara will open a South America gaming hub, coming on April 27. The game is taking its strategy from traditional mobile products, aiming for a relatively fast global outreach. The new servers are currently open for pre-registration. Avatara is a Web3 game, but puts emphasis on game-first experience and will not require the purchase of tokens or items. The game will offer play-to-own, with NFT created as the game progresses.

Avatara Plans Multiple Content Additions in 2023

Avatara brings a quest-game fantasy map, with tools to build unique avatars with complex accessories and weapons. The 3D map contains mini-bosses and demons to defeat, which are the main source of player rewards.

Avatara aims to bring a multi-platform game with mobile and PC versions, bringing enjoyable adventures tied to an NFT character. The main goal is to go on quests and hunt down enemies and game bosses. The game progress offers the ability to build new characters and trade them on the open market. Each Avatara personality can be upgraded, and has special skills used in battles. 

Avatara is a new arrival to the P2E market, launching in January and achieving relatively fast growth. Over that time, Avatara accrued a small and regular record of blockchain users based on interactions with Klaytn smart contracts. So far, Avatara has only limited in-game trading and its NFT are still slow to take over the secondary market. 

The game’s roadmap includes multiple content additions for each quarter, leading up to the game’s first anniversary. Avatara is one of the few Web3 games to move fast through its progress. The Avatara project has a full development team capable of moving faster compared to other P2E and Web3 games.

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