Lost Realms Brings Interoperable Web3 Ownership

Lost Realms offers a mix of PvP battles, resource gameplay and kingdom building.
  • Lost Realms partners with Galaxy Fight Club for avatar representation.
  • The game already sold Tribal Diamond passes for early perks in the game.
  • Lost Realms is expanding its team despite the bear market.

Lost Realms is a newly arrived Web3 game, currently working on partnerships where its assets are compatible with other games. Lost Realms already sends some of its NFT to Galaxy Fight Club, a game where multiple collections can feature their NFT image as a playable character. 

Lost Realms is one of the recent gaming startups that moves beyond the P2E trend and pursuing various aspects of Web3 ownership.

What Makes Lost Realms Stand Out

Lost Realms is a fantasy-themed game with three main mechanics. Players build their own home base, go on quests and discover resources, and can collect a team and challenge opponents. 

The Lost Realms team is experienced in Web3 building and sets out to create a complex game storyline. The game’s world is detailed, with added stunning attack effects. The game teams have special powers and enchantments, each with their own visual effects and animations.

The game’s goal is to also build a retro nostalgic game in the style of Zelda, while also creating multiple possible strategies and variations. The game team has hired skilled designers and artists for a distinct look, expecting to mint new NFT characters, varied terrains and biomes.

The Lost Realms offers variation to each player, enough to forge their distinct stories. The game’s storyline offers decision points to create distinct outcomes. The game’s goal is to build a full community-driven MMORPG, while forging relationships with other games and platforms. 

Unlike other games, Lost Realms is yet to offer a fully playable game. However, the project is highly active when engaging early adopters and social media followers. The game is built by World of Tribe studio, which has shared its goal of revolutionizing Web3 games and bringing mass adoption.

The game studio has grown its team lately despite the bear market, introduced the Diamond Pass, and has given signs of active work on arenas, imagery and other features. Tribe Diamond passes have already been issued as NFT and are tradable on the OpenSea marketplace.

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