Galaxy Fight Club Turns On P2E Features

Galaxy Fight Club brings new earning opportunities to multiple NFT collections.
  • Galaxy Fight Club adds more P2E features with social media element.
  • GCOIN recovers to $0.12 as the game gains more visibility.
  • Galaxy Fight Club remains a highly active NFT collection.

Galaxy Fight Club expanded the earnings opportunities for GCOIN and announced the arrival of full P2E integration in the game. Until now, Galaxy Fight Club was mostly relying on the economics of an NFT collection.

Now, Galaxy Fight Club offers more incentives to players owning NFT. The game’s main premise is to use the native Heroes, as well as assign stats to a growing selection of NFT collections. 

Galaxy Fight Club is also one of the games with successful fundraising, aiming to grow its influence in Web3 space. According to Crunchbase data, the game has secured $7M in funding from 28 investors. The game is also backed by Animoca Brands.

Galaxy Fight Club can also be started without ownin NFT as a P2E game. Players earn key fragments, which they combine to unlock mystery boxes and get Hero equipment. Keys, boxes and equipment are also bought and sold as NFT and can add earnings to the game. 

GCOIN, the game’s native token, can be earned from crafting, training warriors or renting out available NFT warriors to build teams of three.

Galaxy Fight Club Still Among Notable NFT Collections

Currently, the game marks about 33 interactions per day with its ETH smart contract based on DappRadar data. But the game expects to be more popular with active off-chain gameplays. The game still preserves a 0.27 ETH floor price on its items, with more than 8.1K ETH in volumes traded so far. 

Social media data shows Galaxy Fight Club is indeed attracting players with its leaderboards, and builds battles and tournaments with several NFT collections. 

GCOIN is highly integrated in several activities of the game’s universe. The latest addition is earning GCOIN for social media participation. Twitter reward claims are built into the game’s official website, requiring the connection of a browser extension wallet.

GCOIN recovered in the past month, reaching highs above $0.17. The asset currently trades at $0.12, with representation on the Huobi Global centralized crypto exchange.

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