Galaxy Fight Club Adds Another NFT Collection

Galaxy Fight Club aims to provide utility for multiple NFT collections.
  • Cuffs the Legend, Veefriends may be added as playable Heroes.
  • GCOIN preserves some value at $0.08.
  • Galaxy Fight Club depends on tournaments for peak activity.

Galaxy Fight Club will expand its list of partner NFT collections in its epic MOBA brawler game. The game’s template is similar to Brawl Stars, but with the addition of income potential and NFT ownership. The game will now add Cuffs the Legend NFT collection and use its technology to turn it into playable avatars.

Additionally, Galaxy Fight Club is connecting to the Veefriends NFT community, once again with the goal of enriching its universe of heroes with more NFT images.

Galaxy Fight Club marks more than 5K downloads on its Android version. The game offers free entry in its battler game, while using NFT may be optional. In addition to the Heroes, the game features weapons of varying strength, adding complexity and advantages to owners.

Currently, Galaxy Fight Club has most of its players in the free-to-play mode, while less than 10 daily users resort to the game’s NFT and token smart contracts. Galaxy Fight Club is busiest during tournaments or special events when players can add to their daily passive income and take out a part of the prize pool. 

Galaxy Fight Club Strives to Preserve Asset Value

Heroes still keep up a 0.18 ETH floor price, while weapons and items retail at around 0.03 ETH. While NFT are optional, upgrading Heroes will grant more in-game earnings while holding the NFT. 

GCOIN is behind the game’s economy and can also be rolled back to purchase more in-game items. GCOIN is one of the earlier P2E tokens and is already tradable. GCOIN has hovered around $0.08, down from a peak above $2 at the end of 2021. Still, the token preserves some value and works as the chief source of in-game liquidity. 

GCOIN also has the advantage of a listing on Huobi Global and Gate.IO, while newer in-game tokens rely on decentralized pairs and the goodwill of liquidity providers. GCOIN also has the advantage of potentially moving to a higher tier, adding to the value of players’ earnings.

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