MEEET: Farm and Connect with This P2E Metaverse and Social Media Game

MEEET will mix NFT upgrades with farming mechanics and fungible token daily prizes.
  • MEEET combines Web3 avatars with in-game token earnings and a social media element.
  • The game will offer MMT and MST tokens on a flexible reward schedule.
  • Alpha testing events offer a chance for access to prize pools.

MEEET is a game that brings another version of the simulated farming model. But this time, the game adds a twist – social media connectivity. The game rose to the most visited P2E headline in the past 24 hours, as players remain curious for new opportunities.

MEEET thus brings a type of social farming, with trading and swaps between friends within the game. Players can choose to share their resources and help others complete quests faster.

The player’s profile is also a valuable game achievement, and may add to the MST Token earnings within the game. 

MEEET Offers Alpha Testing Rewards

The farming game is still in the alpha stage, offering regular alpha-testing events for early players. The best approach is to track the game’s social media for upcoming reward pools.

The game’s features include a fun and rich simulated farming environment, with multiple trading opportunities in trading stations.

The game has completed mechanics for crops, building, food factories and quests for specific orders. Players can receive higher rewards if they repair and level up their NFT.

The MEEET game will have a double-token model, with MMT being the fixed-supply asset with 6B tokens in total. MST tokens will be the in-game currency, with no cap on production. MST will be created and burned within the game for tasks such as minting farmer avatars or sending gifts. MST can also be burned to top up the player’s energy bar.

Tokenization and earnings will depend on the player’s profile level. Additionally, token rewards will diminish based on a mix of predetermined halvings and daily estimations. This is to avoid token grinding and debasing the assets.

MEEET will build a decentralized wallet into the game, which will be compatible with BNB Chain and be used for sending and receiving tokens as well as swaps or to participate in the NFT marketplace. The game aims to introduce Web3 ownership, while looking as much as possible like regular Web2 gameplay.

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