Fishing Lands: New Airdrop Coming from Active Farming Game

Fishing Lands is a resource-based idle game on the WAX blockchain.
  • New farming mechanics coming to Fishing Lands.
  • NFT airdrop is scheduled for August 31 to boost farming tools ownership.
  • Fishing Lands holds occasional giveaways and special competitions.

Fishing Lands is another water-themed game using the farming model. In the past quarter, multiple farming games started trending, as simulated crops and resources are one of the most balanced P2E sources of income. 

Fishing Lands is part of the WAX ecosystem, and centers around fishing rods and resource management. This August 31, the game will also add a Farming extension, adding new types of resource gameplay.

The first farming resources, as well as other types of giveaways, are available for Fishing Lands for social media engagement tasks.

Fishing Lands aims to build an entire game economy, by using the Alcor decentralized exchange, as well as Atomic Hub, the leading WAX-based NFT market. The goal is to have players owning a part of the game and thus become more engaged. 

There is also a free pathway to Fishing Lands, where players choose to win tokens and craft items. 

Fishing Lands has so far achieved 159 users per day at its peak, based on WAX smart contract interactions. The game is ranked 66 among WAX P2E apps.

In addition to the idle game, Fishing Lands offers semi-regular events with a leaderboard and WAX rewards. The game may involve resource production or a digging competition with a limited prize pool. 

Fishing Lands focuses on fishing rods and their quality and level, and for now does not fit the model for a P2E with regular, easy-to-monetize income.

Fishing Lands Prepares for Next Stage

Fishing Lands, backed by an experienced gaming studio, has completed most milestones and minor tasks. The next update on the roadmap will be a new land system with an upcoming digital land sale. 

The public land sale will most probably take place on Atomic Hub and issue new tokens for the metaverse plots.

The game’s native assets, Fish (FSLF) and Steel (FSLS) are still internally traded and are not easily swapped outside the WAX ecosystem. Within the game, the asset’s main utility is to craft and repair equipment. A third asset, Fishercoin, will be used in the badge and merit system coming to the game in the future.

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