Idle Mystic Adds Hero Fusion to Idle NFT Gameplay

Idle Mystic offers casual Hero-driven experience with the potential to upgrade NFT, craft and fure Heroes.
  • Idle Mystic offers mechanics to upgrade basic Heroes for advanced experience.
  • IMT, MST tokens offer influence in the course of the game with voting and staking.

Idle Mystic is a Polygon-based game with multi-chain features. The game is available for download to test, with the potential of adding and upgrading NFT. Currently, the game sees a minimal number of players based on Polygon smart contracts, with around 2.5K at the peak in December 2021. Some of the players are also hosted on Binance Smart Chain.

The most recently added feature is Hero Fusion, a mechanic that many P2E games try go implement. Fusion to gain a more valuable character has been tried by Bomb Crypto, Thetan Arena, MOLand Defense, and will be one of the key features for TimeShuffle

Idle Mystic is yet another game in the family of hero-driven adventure with idle mode, with the potential of creating valuable NFT. This mechanic can help even beginner players to level up, while also taking care of floor-level NFT and low-priced Heroes. Players pick a Target Hero to keep most of its features and image, but with improved stats.

Idle Mystic Aims for Sustainable Game Economy

Idle Mystic will also use the pass system in the future, as a tool to limit growth while ensuring an inflow of funds. The game pass costs just 1 BUSD to mint.

The game also has a two-token structure, with IMT as a governance token and MST as an in-game asset with no supply cap. Owning IMT can grant influence over the game’s future direction, as all owners will form a DAO and vote on decisions. 

The MST token is earned in various missions within the game, and can be used to create new NFT heroes and items within the game. MST has limited availability on UniSwap and PancakeSwap, and will offer staking benefits.

Idle Mystic shows there are still niches to build more games with complex resource and earnings mechanisms. The game repeats some of the existing P2E models but adds its own twist to achieve balance. The Idle Mystic game will also set aside ongoing rewards for its developers and players, with token rewards for being a part of the ecosystem.

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